Image of Zombie Island: A Shakespeare Undead Novel


Image of Zombie Island: A Shakespeare Undead Novel

A pleasant, lighthearted read with plenty of chuckles and romps, this story will appeal especially to lovers of the Bard. But, sadly, the idea of Handeland’s novel is more intriguing than the book itself. While the author attempts to pay homage to the great plays by Shakespeare, it doesn’t work well in a modern novel, resulting in a contrived ending and a thin, improbable plot.

Vampire William Shake-speare concocts a plot worthy of one of his plays to free the love of his life from her husband. Katherine Dymond, zombie hunter, will take a potion to make her appear dead. Once she is entombed, her lover will sneak in and spirit her away. But Kate’s husband has other plans. He takes her body aboard a ship that’s bound for his plantation in America, to keep Will from mourning at his wife’s grave. Unfortunately, the fates, a sprite and a wizard seem to conspire against them as Will, Kate, and her husband end up stranded on a mysterious island full of zombies and magic. While Will and Kate fight for their lives and their love, they become part of a larger plot for world domination — a scheme involving the Queen herself. (ST. MARTIN’S GRIFFIN, Jun., 272 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison