Bookseller and Librarian’s Annual Calendar

This is a calendar of all of the yearly celebrations which you can use to help you plan promotions and displays at your bookstore. It is broken out by month and then week or day (if applicable).


National Blood Donor Month
National Braille Literacy Month
National Hobby Month
Hot Tea Month
National Staying Healthy Month
National Thank You Month

Weekly Celebrations:
Letter Writing Week - the second week of the month 

Specific Dates
4 Trivia Day
13 Make Your Dream Come True Day
14 Dress Up Your Pet Day
18 Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday- the third Monday of the month
18 Winnie the Pooh Day - the Birthday of Winnie's author, A.A. Milne
28 National Kazoo Day
29 National Puzzle Day 
31 Backward Day


American Heart Month
Black History Month 

Specific Dates:
2 Ground Hog Day
14 Valentine's Day
15 President's Day - the third Monday of the month
17 Random Acts of Kindness Day
26 Tell a Fairy Tale Day


National Craft Month
National Women's History Month
Small Press Month

Specific Dates: 
14 National Pi Day - Why today? Because today is 3.14, the value of Pi.
15 Ides of March
16 Freedom of Information Day
17 Saint Patrick's Day
18 Goddess of Fertility Day
20 International Earth Day
20 National Quilting Day - the third Saturday of month



April National Humor Month
Keep America Beautiful Month
Poetry Month
National Volunteer Month


Weekly Celebrations:
Library Week - the first week of the month

Specific Dates: 
1 April Fool's Day
2 Children's Book Day
2 National Walk to Work Day - the first Friday of month 
3 Tweed Day
4 School Librarian Day
7 World Health Day
13 Scrabble Day
16 National Librarian Day
19 Patriot's Day - the third Monday of the month
20 Volunteer Recognition Day
21 Kindergarten Day
22 Earth Day
27 Tell a Story Day
28 Great Poetry Reading Day


Foster Care Month 
National Barbecue Month 
Older Americans Month 

Weekly Celebrations: 
Nurse's Week - the first week of month 
Wildflower Week -  the second week of the month
National Bike Week - the third week of the month
National Police Week - the third week of the month
Emergency Medical Services Week - the fourth week of month

Specific Dates: 
1 May Day
1 Mother Goose Day
3 World Press Freedom Day
4 Bird Day
National Teachers Day - the Tuesday of the first full week of May
5 Cinco de Mayo   
7 Military Spouses Day - the Friday before Mother's Day  
Mother’s Day
8 V-E Day
28 Amnesty International Day



Candy Month 
Gay Pride Month 

Specific Dates: 
6 National Yo-Yo Day
8 Best Friends Day
14 Flag Day
Father's Day


National Blueberry Month 
National Hot Dog Month 
National Ice Cream Month 

Specific Dates: 
4 Independence Day (U.S.)
7 Chocolate Day
10 Teddy Bear Picnic Day
14 Bastille Day
18 National Ice Cream Day - the third Sunday of the month 
23 National Hot Dog Day


Family Fun Month 
National Picnic Month 

Specific Dates:  
9 Book Lover's Day
16 National Tell a Joke Day
18 Bad Poetry Day


Classical Music Month 
Hispanic Heritage Month 
National Courtesy Month 
Little League Month 

Weekly Celebrations:
Banned Books Week: Celebrating the Freedom to Read September 25−October 2, 2010

Specific Dates: 
Labor Day - the first Monday of month 
6 Read a Book Day
8 International Literacy Day
9 Teddy Bear Day
12 Grandparent's Day - the first Sunday after Labor Day 
13 Fortune Cookie Day
13 Positive Thinking Day
18 Oktoberfest -  begins approximately, date varies  
21 International Peace Day
25 National Comic Book Day


Breast Cancer Awareness Month 
Cookie Month 
Domestic Violence Awareness Month 
Eat Country Ham Month 
National Diabetes Month 
National Pizza Month 
National Vegetarian Month 

Weekly Celebrations: 
Customer Service Week - the first week of the month

Specific Dates: 
5 Do Something Nice Day
5 World Teacher's Day
6 Come and Take it Day
6 Mad Hatter Day
7 World Smile Day
11 Columbus Day - the second Monday of the month 
16 Dictionary Day
31 Halloween


Child Safety Protection Month 
National Adoption Awareness Month 
National Epilepsy Month 
National Novel Writing Month 
Native American Heritage Month

Specific Dates:
6 Book Lovers Day - the first Saturday of the month 
6 National Bookstore Day
9 Young Readers Day - the second Tuesday of month  
11 Veteran's Day   
15 America Recycles Day
15 National Philanthropy Day
17 World Peace Day
18 Great American Smokeout  - the third Thursday of the month  
20 National Adoption Day - Saturday before Thanksgiving 
20 Universal Children's Day
25 Thanksgiving Day – the Third Thursday of the month
26 Black Friday


Specific Dates: 
25 Christmas Day
26 Boxing Day
27 National Fruitcake Day
28 Card Playing Day
31 New Year's Eve


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