Located in historic downtown Franklin, Tennessee, love and history define Landmark Booksellers. At this neighborhood store, the books are the passion for owners Joel and Carol Tomlin. Wanting to do something together after their youngest child graduated from high school, the couple took their shared love of literature and history and decided to open up a bookstore six years ago so that they could spend time together doing something they love.

Housed in a 200 year old building, Landmark is the neighborhood bookseller, not just a bookstore, a distinction owner Joel Tomlin makes. “We are booksellers,” he explains, “I say that with pride. This is a craft in my opinion. The craft of knowing books, knowing authors—you don’t get that at any other place.” And with it’s charmingly historical building, where such figures as Sam Houston, Davy Crockett and Andrew Jackson visited, Landmark is a warm and inviting space for booklovers, where selling literature certainly is treated as a craft.

Joel and Carol Tomlin are friendly, down-to-earth people, who greet you when you walk through the door with smiles and conversation. Black and white prints of local Southern authors line the wall of the main floor where you can find people conversing on comfortable leather couches admits a background of soft music. The main “living room” space includes the expansive History section as well as the New Releases, while further down the hall on the main floor is the delightful Children’s section, containing both new and classic children’s’ favorites. Upstairs, visitors will find both the “kitchen,” a space filled with cookbooks and other domestic works, and the Fiction room, where bookshelves line the walls containing a vast selection of used, first edition and signed books by a variety of authors.

Landmark sells used, rare and new books, and while their New Release section features Stephanie Meyers, Steve Martin, Fanny Flagg, and even George W. Bush, the store’s main focus is on local authors and literature. Joel Tomlin explains that at Landmark they try to stock their New Release shelves with good books that you won’t necessarily see that your neighborhood Walgreens or CVS. This included books by local regional authors. However, if there is a new release that you want, all you have to do is ask, and the Tomlins will order it for you.

With its friendly atmosphere, Landmark’s position in the community is that of a place where booklovers can come and spend time. They offer monthly book signings and weekly Story Time in the Children’s room. Bookclubs, reader’s groups, writer’s groups and poetry groups all use the space for meetings and gatherings. Joel and Carol Tomlin have created a space filled with love, a veritable “booklovers paradise.”

Please stop by and visit.