Author Interview with Cathryn Fox

Erotic romance author Cathryn Fox has been heating up readers' dreams with her paranormal series, Eternal Pleasure. Now get an insider's look at the gated community of Serene, New England and the creatures that make their homes there. In this author interview Fox shares details about the first three stories in the series and offers her advice for readers new to paranormal erotic romance!

RT BOOK REVIEWS: Your current series, Eternal Pleasure, is set in the community of Serene, New Hampshire where all sorts of paranormal creatures live. So why does a community with the name of ‘Serene’ host witches, demons, vampires, lycans and shape shifters?

Cathryn Fox: When I created my world, I created a place where the five species known as lycans, vampires, werecats, witches, and demons were forced to put aside their hatred and prejudice for one another and forge a truce. Covert communities were set up around the globe, and each species in each town has an overseer. These five overseers all work together to keep their brethren in line and maintain order amongst their kind while keeping their existence a secret from the rest of the world. Since these species must all live and work together in harmony in order to survive, I thought the name Serene was a fitting one for their town. 

RT: Every year readers are treated to a new Eternal Pleasure novel – 2009 brought us Instinctive, in 2010 there was Impulsive and in 2011 we have Indulgent. What are some common themes that you explore in these books?

CF: These stories are romance at heart, where I test beliefs, truths and relationships. While the plot is full of suspense, twists and turns, the core of the story is about two people, whether they’re vampires, lycans, demons, or empaths, who must all overcome obstacles and face risks to find true love. 

RT: You have said that you get ideas for your books by watching TV, reading a book or just while you are sleeping – can you describe your inspirations for the novels in your series?

CF: I was sitting at my computer checking emails one day, while my mind played with ideas for a new story. I was asking myself what if…

Then just like that the idea hit me. What if five feuding species all had to work together to survive? What if they all lived in a gated town like one from the movie Stepford Wives? What would happen to someone if they accidentally stumbled upon the town? 

Excited by the questions and the answers I was producing I stopped what I was doing, opened my Microsoft Word and just started writing my synopsis. One hour later I had the whole story plotted. I immediately sent it to my editor and just a few short days later she called to say they wanted to buy the series.

RT: In Instinctive, the first book in the series, features Jaclyn Vasenty a “bad girl” who moves to Serene. How does this relatively normal woman take to the panther shifter that brings out some intense feelings?


CF: Jaclyn instantly feels an attraction to the panther guide, and is drawn to him in inexplicable ways, ways she can’t even begin to understand. When she discovers he’s a shifter, and he informs her she’s his mate she thinks he’s crazy and tries to run, but is unable to pull herself away from him. After spending time in his arms, she begins to feel changes in her body, and can no longer deny that deep inside, her own panther is stirring. With her life in danger, she must accept who she is if she wants to stay alive. 

RT: In Impulsive, heroine Sunray meets up with her reincarnated lover Kane. However, Kane is not longer the man she once knew. How does she deal with this change? 

CF: Kane might no longer be the man Sunray knew on the outside, but on the inside he is still her ‘Ray’ from one hundred years ago, a man who died trying to save her. He might now be predator and she might be his prey but deep down she knows he’s a man with integrity, one who is caring and will go to great lengths to protective those he love. She just needs to gain his trust and prove he’s the man from her past before his officer training takes over and he kills her. 

RT: In your newest book Indulgent, the characters – including heroine Lily and cousins Jaret and Toby are all empaths. How does this power affect their relationship?

CF: In a town full of secrets, Lilly, the coven guide must learn to protect her thoughts from these two hunters from her past who’ve come to destroy her and her community. Unfortunately, through their erotic touch they are able to slip past her barriers, and unravel the mystery. When truths are revealed, bonds are made, and haunting images from centuries ago are released, the men must face their past and discover just who the enemy really is.

RT: And finally, you are a well-known erotic romance author. Some people may have not read the genre. What would you tell them to try to get them to give it a try?

Cathryn Fox: Until you’ve tried it, you’ll never know if erotic romance is right for you. Erotic romance isn’t just about explicit sex and pushing boundaries. The focus in on the developing romantic relationship with an open door policy. At the core all my stories are romance and the characters have to face obstacles and roadblocks before they can find their happily ever after. So go ahead, pick one up. You might just be delightfully surprised. 

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