Author Interview With Kat Martin

Bestselling author Kat Martin welcomes us into her world of romances in this special author interview. Get an insider look at the making of the contemporary romances in her latest series, her writing process and what we can expect from this fantastic author next!

RT BOOK REVIEWS: The books in your current series, the Against Trilogy, are contemporary romances set in Wyoming. Was it difficult to switch from your last trilogy, a historical romance, into the world of the contemporary West?

Kat Martin: Actually, though all of the Raines brothers were born in Wyoming, only the first book, Against the Wind, is set there. The other two brothers, Gabe and Dev, have moved away, Gabe to Dallas and Dev to Scottsdale, Arizona. The switch from historical to contemporary turned out to be easier than I expected. Over the years, I had written ten contemporaries, two ghost stories, the rest romantic suspense. So I was just going back to the kind of writing I had dabbled in before.

RT: This trilogy follows the Raines brothers. Can you share what drew you to their stories?

KM: Like most of my books, the stories start out with the kernel of an idea and grow into a full-length novel. I started with Jackson Raines, born in Wind Canyon, Wyoming, a strong man who becomes extremely successful and returns to become a prominent rancher. He collides with his old high school nemesis, Sarah Allen, who draws him into troubles from her past that follow her to Raintree Ranch. I could see right away that Jackson was going to need help to solve his problems, so Gabe and Dev became part of the trilogy. I love writing Western men, even though the brothers now live in cities. They are men with a core of steel and a certain morality that makes them larger than life.

RT: Against the Wind got a little help from a country song. Can you tell us more about how your characters Jackson and Sarah were inspired by country music? And is this the type of music that you normally listen to?

KM: I love western music. I like jazz and pop as well, but country has a soul. Some of the songs tell a story, or at least give us a glimpse into what could become a story. So when Toby Keith was singing “How do you like me now?” over my satellite radio, Jackson’s story began to blossom in my head.

RT: Will the Against Series end with Dev’s story, this March's Against the Law? Or do you think that readers can count on seeing more of the men and women of your Against series in the future?

KM: Glad you asked! I’ve got three more Against books coming, Against the Storm, Against the Night, Against the Sun, which I’m working on right now. These revolve around friends of Dev’s you meet in Against the Law. I love writing these men. They are tough, macho, and just plain hot. And pairing them with just the right women while they live a suspenseful adventure is an exciting challenge.

RT: Dev and Gabe both appear in Against the Wind as secondary characters. Can you describe how they evolved from being secondary characters at the beginning of a series to having their own stories at the end?


KM: Once I knew Gabe and Dev were going to be in the first book, I began working on a story for each of them. They were definitely hero material and after I’d come up with a story for each of them, I started searching for the right heroine for each man. Mattie Baker seemed perfect for Gabe. Lark Delaney was tough enough to keep up with Dev and his friends, who were former Army Rangers.

RT: You have written Regency, Medieval, historical, contemporary, paranormal, and romantic suspense novels. Which genre is the most difficult to write? And is your favorite genre to write also your favorite to read?

KM: Medieval was tough because of the research required. I had more time between books back then to do work. Romantic suspense is the most challenging. It’s difficult to work out all the details of the mystery and make the pieces all fit together. Up until now, Paranormal Romantic Suspense has been my favorite to write. The premises for the stories were based on events that have actually been reported, like ghosts, and ESP, and UFOs. Since these are areas of interest to me, I loved writing them. But I think the Romantic Suspense novels reach a broader audience and I Iove doing the Against books. I read in all the romance genres and love them all.

RT: In the past five years you’ve published several stories with definite paranormal elements, such as Scent of Roses, featuring ghosts, and Season of Strangers, featuring aliens. How did you research these supernatural characters and would you say you take more, less, or equal creative license with your paranormal romances as you do with your historical romances?

KM: I tried to base the books I wrote in both genres on good research. In historical, I tried to be accurate with the time frame, the clothes, and the morality of the era. Same with the paranormals. I read lots of actual accounts of ghosts, and did lots of research on UFOs and alien abduction. Creating verisimilitude makes the stories more believable.

RT BOOK REVIEWS: What can you tell readers about your next project? Can you give readers a teaser for what to expect from you later down the road?

Kat Martin: After Against the Fire and Against the Law, I have another small, gift-sized hardcover, A Song for My Mother, which takes place in the tiny town of Dreyerville, Michigan, the setting for my story, The Christmas Clock. It’s out in April for Mother’s Day. After that, a re-issue of my very first book, Magnificent Passage, a Western Historical Romance, will be out in July. Then Against the Storm, Trace Rawlins story, a sexy Texan, a friend of Dev Raines who appears in Against the Law. As you can see, I am sooo busy. Hope all my readers enjoy the books and very best wishes for a great 2011.

You can pick up the first two book in Kat Martin's Against series now, Against the Wind and Against the Fire, and then look for Against the Law on February 22nd!

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