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Carly Phillips

Book Title: Kiss Me If You Can

Category: Contemporary Romance

Description: Sam Cooper has become the most eligible bachelor in New York City. After foiling a jewelry store robbery, single women are fawning over him. But Coop isn't interested in them. His attention is centered solely on Lexie Davis, the only woman who claims not to be interested in him.

Author Spotlight: Carly Phillips

Dear Readers:

Romance readers love a sexy hero and with that in mind, I am excited to share Kiss Me If You Can, the first book in my new “Most Eligible Bachelor” series. When an online blog teams with a New York City newspaper - with the sole purpose of helping the bachelor in question find the woman of his dreams – the result is fun, sassy and of course, sexy!

Some books are hard to write, some are easy. Very few are pure unadulterated joy. Kiss Me If You Can surprised me, thrilled me, and made me extremely happy all the way through. I hope you'll feel the same way!

Part of what made Kiss Me If You Can fun to write was the fact that I tied many personal elements into the story. My beloved Grandma Charlotte passed away almost ten years ago, but I still remember the smell of violets in her New York apartment, her best friend Sylvia, and of course how much I loved her! My heroine Lexie adores her Grandma Charlotte and I hope you’ll fall in love with her too.  Along with the hero, sexy Sam Cooper who doesn’t know what hit him when he meets the free spirited Lexie Davis.

When jaded crime beat reporter and aspiring mystery writer Sam Cooper ("Coop") stops a jewelry store robbery and is given a ring as a reward, he is labeled a hero and becomes the newest Bachelor in the infamous Bachelor Blog. Lexie Davis is a free spirited web designer with no roots and a love of travel who wants to purchase the ring for her beloved grandmother’s 80th birthday. But as Coop discovers, the ring is stolen property, and when his apartment is vandalized, it becomes obvious someone wants the ring back. As Lexie and Coop team up to uncover the ring’s past, sparks between them fly.  Add a cast of secondary characters (including Lexie’s Grandma Charlotte) working to derail the duo’s efforts, and Lexie’s unorthodox family history is revealed. When all is said and done, can Lexie overcome her fear of settling down, especially when she discovers Coop wants to write her grandmother’s story as the big break in his burgeoning novelist career?

Next up is Coop’s best friend, Sara Rios who you’ll meet in Kiss Me If You Can and her “bachelor” Rafe Mancuso. The book hits stores next month, September 2010! 

I hope you enjoy my Most Eligible Bachelor series! For excerpts, contests and more visit me at

Happy Reading!
Carly Phillips



The aroma of New York’s finest hot dog had his mouth watering. “Hey, Dom. How’s business
today?” he asked the owner.

“Can’t complain. Busy lunch crowd. Slow now but it’ll pick up again during the commute.” The older man, tanned from his days outside, lifted the metal lid, revealing Coop’s belated lunch. “The usual?”

Coop nodded. “The works. Actually make it two. I haven’t eaten since breakfast.”

He glanced at his watch. Nearly 3:00 p.m. Enough time for him to eat and get his story in before heading home for the day.

While Dom placed his hot dogs in their buns and began loading them up, Coop glanced around his city. On a hot August day like this one, few people wandered around outside. The smart ones hightailed it out of town, heading for the ritzy Hamptons or the Jersey Shore. Others holed up inside, with their AC blasting.

Coop’s favorite hot dog stand was located on the corner of 47th Street and Park Avenue. A people watcher by nature—part of what led him to become a reporter, he supposed—Coop always studied the stores and buildings in the vicinity, and the people entering and exiting each.

As usual, the Vintage Jewelers caught his eye. Unlike most of the upscale stores in the area, it was rather ordinary. As if to compensate, the window changed often, rotating gaudy, elaborate pieces almost daily. Usually only women frequented the establishment—no big surprise—but today a man wearing a sweatshirt, hood over his head, stood inside.

“Strange,” Coop muttered. The heat from the sun had him sweating in his shirt and the steam coming off the sidewalk blistered the soles of his shoes.

“Dogs are ready,” Dom said, distracting Coop’s attention.

But not before Coop caught sight of what looked like a gun in the man’s hand. Coop’s adrenaline kicked in and he focused on the store. There were two females behind the counter. If he barged in, he risked the guy shooting someone.

Inside the store, the man turned to leave. Coop glanced at Dom. “Don’t ask questions, just call 9-1-1,” he said as he grabbed the metal lid off  the cart and swerved back to face the store.

As the man exited, Coop acted on instinct. He stuck his foot out, tripping the guy before he could run. The man staggered but regained his balance and straightened up. Coop drew a deep breath and bashed the man in the head with the aluminum hot dog cover. His hood must have cushioned the blow or else the guy had a thick skull because he struggled to stand up a second time. Coop swung harder and the guy fell to the sidewalk, moaning in pain. The jewels spilled from his pocket onto the ground.

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