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Category: Contemporary Romance

Description: Deeply in love and engaged to be married, Brian and Erica’s perfect world is shattered when a family betrayal breaks them apart. Yet neither can deny the passion they still feel for each other. Will Erica and Brian fight to save a love that hangs by a silken thread?


Author Spotlight: Brenda Jackson

I remember falling in love with Ryan O'Neal while engrossed in episodes of Peyton Place. His character was Rodney Harrington and as a teenager, I thought he was one of the sexiest men alive. I would look forward to my weekly dose of the nighttime soap opera. Peyton Place was a small town filled with more secrets than any one town should have. I knew that I wanted to create such a town one day, and I believe I have.

Welcome to my fictitious town of Hattersville, Ohio!

I chose the state of Ohio because I fell in love with the area during two visits last year. And I wanted to write about a state in the mid-west, not too far from Canada, since I envisioned the town’s founders as Canadians who had to relocate to America. I wanted to write about a town that believed social class was of the utmost importance, and those with money should marry into other families with money. And not to do so was considered a taboo. I wanted to get to know the people who lived in this town where arranged marriages among the upper class were a way of life and love was an afterthought.

A Silken Thread centers on the lives of the citizens of Hattersville, and its first families: the Delberts, the Sanders, the Hayes and the Norths. You will see how their lives are changed forever because of buried secrets and inevitable temptations.

This book was such fun to write because I had the opportunity to do more than just create drama and expose scandal. I was able to dive into the emotions of the town folks and bring to light how one little secret can ruin lives forever – especially for one couple, whose dream to marry is shattered because of deceit. Will they be able to rebuild a love that was meant to be?

Again, I welcome you to Hattersville. I hope you will enjoy the visit.

- Brenda Jackson



“Close your eyes and open your mouth, sweetheart.”

Erica smiled and did what Brian asked. The moment she felt the spoon enter her mouth and tasted the chocolate concoction on her tongue she couldn’t help but moan.

She opened her eyes. “It’s delicious, Brian. Where did you get the recipe?”

They were standing in her kitchen. He was barefoot and shirtless and his jeans hung low on his hips. She was wearing his dress shirt and nothing else. After making love a second time he had dragged her out of bed and into the kitchen. They had ordered pizza and he had taken over her kitchen to make his favorite sweet treat. Brownies. And to top them off he’d made a mouthwatering chocolate sauce.

“It’s one of Mom’s. She uses it in her cake batter sometimes to make it moister.”

She nodded as she licked her lips. She’d been serious when she’d said the sauce was delicious and she couldn’t wait until the brownies cooled so they could layer it on top of them. The coffee had been brewing and she was anxious to pour a cup to go along with them.

“And how is your mom?” she asked.

He smiled as he turned back to the stove. “She’s great. Her contract with the Hastings Corporation was renewed, which means even more international travels for her. But she loves it.”

Erica leaned against the kitchen counter. She had met Brian’s mother months ago, the first time she’d visited him in Dallas. At first she’d found it hard to believe that the woman was old enough to have given birth to him. She looked to be in her early forties instead of fifty-two. And upon their introduction, Erica had immediately felt genuine warmth emanating from her. She hadn’t known what to expect, since she’d figured out early in their relationship that Brian and his mother were rather close.

“Is she looking forward to the engagement party my parents are planning for us?” she decided to ask.

“Of course.”

Erica’s brows lifted in surprise. “She is?”

Brian chuckled. “Yes.”

At her doubtful look, he leaned over and brushed a kiss across her lips. His eyes were gentle and held a depth of understanding that she couldn’t help but appreciate. “I told you not to worry, Erica. Everything will be fine. Mom knows your mother doesn’t think I’m good enough for you.”

Hearing him put her mother’s very thoughts into words made her shiver. “And knowing all of that, she hasn’t talked you out of marrying me?”

His laughter filled the room and he pulled her into his arms. “Baby, no one can talk me out of marrying you. Besides, Mom wouldn’t think of doing so anyway. She’s gotten to know you and thinks I’m a lucky man, and I can’t help but agree.”

Erica shook her head. There were times when she felt she’d somehow found favor with the man upstairs. Surely no woman could be this lucky.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.


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