Cherry Adair Author Interview

Blockbuster Romantic Suspense author Cherry Adair sits down with RT's Whitney Sullivan for a chat about her latest T-FLAC novel, her take on her stories being turned into films and what readers can expect from Adair's two unusual new trilogies, set outside of the T-FLAC world!

Whitney Sullivan: Back in 2007, you revealed that Marc Savin in The Mercenary was your favorite T-FLAC hero. Has anyone come along in the last few years that has rivaled him in your affections? 

Cherry Adair: Marc was my first hero, so he'll always have a special place in my heart. But fickle author that I am, my mind is always changed, and my heart re-taken, by my next hero. Because I get to learn who he is, and those delicious details that make him tick, I fall in love with each of my heroes as I'm writing his book. 

WS: You have just released Black Magic, which is another story about ex-lovers (possibly) reuniting. What do you find exciting about exploring a relationship that has already has a physical and emotional history attached to it?

CA: I love the shared history between Jackson and Sara. Their story really let me explore the complexities of a renewed relationship. It's always intriguing to see what ex-lovers have learned in the time they've been apart, and how they resolve old hurts and wounds to make the new relationship work the second time around.

WS: In Black Magic the threat (in addition to a mysterious plague) is “the snake-like Omnivatics” - what details did you add to make them particularly horrifying?

CA: Anything to do with snakes freaks me (and my hero Jackson) out! The bad guys in Black Magic are Omnivatic wizards. To renew their powers they must return to their nests and transform into snakes. The only way they can be killed is when they're in snake form. The rest of the time they look just like humans, which makes it all but impossible to tell who's an Omnivatic and who's human. I find that pretty freaking creepy.

WS: We know that the film rights for Take Me were bought by the Oxygen Network. But if it were up to you, which novel would you like to see on the big screen? And who would you like to see playing the hero and heroine?

CA: I'd be ecstatic to have any one of my books made into a movie. As far as casting goes, it would depend on which book we're talking about. Casting the hero would be very difficult, since we all see the hero in our minds eye the way we want him to look. My tall, dark and handsome isn't your tall, dark and handsome. I'd love to hear which actors your readers picture as the hero in any of my books.

WS: You have a unique history - a South African transplanted to Seattle. Do you find that your past affects your writing? If so, in what way?


CA: Living in South Africa, it never occurred to me that I was living somewhere exotic or controversial. It was just home. That said, I've lived twice as long in the USA as I did in South Africa, so I can say with some authority that all of life's experiences shape the way a writer thinks. It's true that my experiences have shaped and skewered the way my characters think and behave. The author's viewpoint is what's known as their "voice".



WS: What are you working on next? Can you share a detail from an upcoming project that RT readers can look for?

CA: T-FLAC is on hold while I'm writing and researching like a mad woman. (Some might say that this is my normal mode of putting words to paper.) I have two new action/adventure trilogies coming up in the next few months. And let me put it this way: if I was out there doing everything my characters are doing in these stories, I'd need intense therapy and several months in a spa to recuperate! 

Undertow, the first of my Cutter Cay Salvage treasure hunting trilogy, will splash into stores right after Christmas. (The perfect time to curl up with a story set in the tropical and exquisitely beautiful Caribbean. Think sun, turquoise waters and hot, hot, hot. Location, hero, action.) Undertow is the youngest brother's book. Zane Cutter is sexy, charismatic, gregarious and an extrovert. The second he walked onto the page, I fell in love with the "Casanova of the Caribbean." Not so my heroine, Teal. Her thoughts were a little different than mine. Well, you'll have to be there to see the sparks fly.

I was both thrilled and terrified to start two new series that were not T-FLAC. The research for these stories was diverse and absolutely fascinating, and it opened up a wild new world to me, which was so much fun. I've been talking to fascinating people - treasure salvors, mechanics, an oceanographer, and many SCUBA divers from around the world. It doesn't stop there, either, but you'll have to read the books to figure out who else I've been milking for information.

Like my T-FLAC world, these treasure books will take readers all over the globe as my devilishly handsome (or just devilish) Cutter brothers search the world's oceans for their treasures, encounter perils along the way, and of course find their HEA. 

As if that wasn't enough heart palpitations and excitement, next May Hush will launch the beginning of my other trilogy. This series is a completely different flavor of action/adventure, spiced with a hint of paranormal. I did tons of intriguing research, a lot of listening (I couldn't get a word in edgewise with this group!) to amazing people, and learning new, and frankly, terrifying things. 

I'm having so much fun writing these fast-paced action adventure books, and I can't wait to hear what readers think. I'd love to hear from you! You can contact me through my website at or on Twitter or Facebook

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