Let's Talk Books

What are you reading now?

Let's Talk Books

Submitted by Debra V on May 24, 2010 - 11:43am.

I know allot of us do this over on the boards, but I will tell you what aI am reading now, what I can't wait for and what I just finished.

I just finished Maya Banks Colters Women, boy what a good book. I love this author because she can show you how a relationship like this can work. It shows how 3 men can love one women and how she can love them back. If you had told me a year ago that I would like this kind of book I would of laughed at you. That is until I picked up my first Maya Bnak's book. Now she is a auto buy for me.

Right now I am reading Paula Quinn's Ravished By The Highlander. I have never read her before. Picked up the book after reading about it on the Borders Trueromance blog. Fifty pages into the book and so far so good.

Now I know that tomorrow I will be at the book store first thing because Karen Rose, Hannah Howell, Linda Leal Miller and a bunch of others will be out. Can't wait for Karens' or Hannah's book!
Happy Reading everybody!