Spotlight: Jan's Paperbacks in Aloha, Oregon

Jan's Paperbacks in Aloha, Oregon is a sunny neighborhood bookstore located right outside of Portland. The store sells new and used books and owner Debbie Burke is knowledgeable and fun and the new best friend you are just waiting to meet. 

Jan's Paperbacks is the store next door: the store you wish you had around the corner. It's a place where everyone knows you, what you like and will save books just for you. They have all the latest and what they don't have they will order for you at a discount. In addition to selling new books, Jan's is a clean well-stocked store with a great stock of second hand. They have a healthy selection of old favorites and a lot of hard to find books. They also have a fair trade policy and they really, really care about their customers.

They show their care by supporting the local teachers in their community with a special teacher fund. And they regularly have special raffles and donate the proceeds to local causes they really believe in. They purchase wholesale from a local online warehouse--and work with all the other local bookstores in their community because they believe in community. 

They also really support the reader. In addition to just being smart, savvy, funny and available 24/7 for their customers, Jan's Paperbacks has an online newsletter, regular promotions, and lots of events (check their website to see pictures of fun events with Delilah Marvell, Mark Henry and Richelle Mead.) Everything they do is fun and thoughtful including their sidewalks, mixed grab bags, and charity raffles.

Jan's is a place where you will find cool and practical home made gifts. Customer favorites include cards made by kids from the local schools, hand made beaded bookmarks and the best cloth sandwich wrappers which are adorable, affordable and ecological.  

Debbie and her fellow employees Linda and Kim are regular attendees at the RT Booklover's Convention. They look forward to attending all year. Since the convention is coming to the West Coast for the first time in eight years they wanted to make it affordable for every one they know to attend the convention. So they rented a Booklover's Bus heading out of Portland Oregon--stopping along the Pacific Northwest corridor picking up readers, booksellers, librarians and authors to bring them to the convention. For more info on the bus checkout

The store has been open since 1981, please stop by and visit, check out their website,, or place a mail order, you will be happy you did.

- Kate Ryan, RT’s Bookstores That Care Network Coordinator

Find the Store:

Jan's Paperbacks
18905 SWT.V.Hwy
Aloha, OR 97006
(503) 649-3444