Theme: Romances Set in Texas

The stars at night are big and bright–Deep in the Heart of Texas! The West was fought and won in the State of Texas. It has a history as rich and colorful as any writer's imagination–and as a result seems to be the perfect setting for many of our favorite romances.

You ask why so many wonderful books have been set in Texas? Two reasons–first of all the natural landscape is amazing and vast. Several major national regions converge in Texas, creating an unexpected mix of swamps, prairies, mountains, beaches, forest and desert. It's 267,000 square miles. If numbers leave you cold: think–Texas is about the same size as France!

Second, Texas has a history that just can't be beat. How many states belonged to six different countries? (For the curious, those countries are Spain, France, Mexico, The Republic of Texas, the Confederate States and the U.S.) And as you can imagine with a history this rich, many folks wish Texas was still its own country!

What's The Appeal?

In 1821, shortly after Mexico gained independence from Spain, the new government allowed Stephen F. Austin to settle a colony of 300 American families in present day Central Texas. Later, heroes like Sam Houston, Davy Crockett, William Travis and Jim Bowie led the Texas Revolution against Mexico. (Remember the Alamo!) Nor must we forget that Houston was president of the independent country, the Republic of Texas! Now, how many states celebrate their own Independence Day?

Texas' history is based on explorers, adventurers and heroes with great courage. Famous explorers like Cabeza de Vaca, Coronado and LaSalle trekked across Texas. Jean Lafitte, the infamous pirate, once held sway over Galveston. Then there were those tough Texas Rangers, not to mention the countless cowboys who drove cattle through the Chisholm Trail.

Today the contrast between the rugged life on ranches and the glitz of Texas' oil-wealthy cities has inspired more than one author. It's no wonder this state has acted as the backdrop to hundreds of romances!

Did you know the name Texas comes from the Hasinai Indians–"tejas" means friends or allies, and that's what Texas has become to us all, no matter what state we call home.

-Kate Ryan


Recommended Reads

(Note: The list below was compiled at press time: Romantic Times Issue #162, September 1997)  


  • TEXAS BRIDE Rosanne Bittner (Warner)
  • TEXAS EMBRACE Rosanne Bittner (Zebra)
  • DESPERADO Rebecca Brandewyne (Warner)
  • LOVE CHERISH ME Rebecca Brandewyne (Warner)
  • WHITE LIGHTNING Sharon Brondos (Jove)
  • WHILE PASSION SLEEPS Shirley Busbee (Avon)
  • DARLING ANNIE Raine Cantrell (Berkley)
  • RUNAWAY BRIDE Ann Carberry (Diamond)
  • FOR THE LOVE OF GRACE Megan Chance (Dell)
  • ANGEL IN MARBLE Elaine Coffman (Dell)
  • ESCAPE NOT MY LOVE Elaine Coffman (Dell)
  • MY ENEMY, MY LOVE Elaine Coffman (Dell)
  • THE BAD LUCK WEDDING DRESS Geralyn Dawson (Bantam)
  • THE TEXAN'S BRIDE Geralyn Dawson (Bantam)
  • TEXAS LAWMAN Adrienne de Wolfe (Bantam)
  • THE WEDDING RAFFLE Geralyn Dawson (Bantam)
  • ROSE Leigh Greenwood (Leisure)
  • MY TRUE AND TENDER LOVE Jill Gregory (Berkley)
  • THE WAYWARD HEART Jill Gregory (Berkley)
  • RAINBOW SEASON Lisa Gregory (Warner)
  • SAPPHIRE SKY Lisa Gregory (Gallen)
  • PARTING GIFTS Lorraine Heath (Berkley/Jove)
  • TEXAS DESTINY Lorraine Heath (Topaz)
  • CACTUS FLOWER Shirl Henke (Warner)
  • WILD TEXAS FLAME Janis Reams Hudson (Zebra)
  • TEXAS TEMPEST Deana James (Zebra)
  • COMANCHE WOMAN Joan Johnston (Pocket)
  • FRONTIER WOMAN Joan Johnston (Pocket)
  • TEXAS WOMAN Joan Johnston (Pocket)
  • A PROMISE MADE Catherine Lanigan (Avon)
  • ANGEL Johanna Lindsey (Avon)
  • ENCANTADORA Gail Link (Leisure)
  • TENDER VICTORY Susan Macias (Harper)
  • THE LAST PICTURE SHOW Larry McMurtry (Pocket)
  • LEAVING CHEYENNE Larry McMurtry (Pocket)
  • LOVE'S TIMELESS HOPE Ann Meredith (St.Martin's)
    Time travel
  • BENEATH A TEXAS STAR Emma Merritt (Zebra)
  • LOVE ME WITH FURY Cara Miles (Avon)
  • SWEET DESIRE Sara Orwig (Onyx)
  • HEARTSTRINGS Rebecca Paisley (Dell)
  • DEFIANT Patricia Potter (Bantam)
  • EL PASO Patricia Potter (Bantam)
  • TEXAS DESTINY Dana Ransom (Zebra)
  • TEXAS RENEGADE Dana Ransom (Zebra)
  • WILD TEXAS BRIDES Dana Ransom (Zebra)
  • TEXAS LILY Patricia Rice (Topaz)
  • SWEET SAVAGE LOVE Rosemary Rogers (Avon)
  • A NOTHING TOWN IN TEXAS Lass Small (Harper)
  • WILD TEXAS WIND Donna Stephens (Avon)
  • BENEATH THE TEXAS SKY Jodi Thomas (Jove)
  • THE TENDER TEXAN Jodi Thomas (Jove)
  • TO TAME A TEXAN'S HEART Jodi Thomas (Jove)
  • TEXAS BLONDE Victoria Thompson (Zebra)
  • TEXAS WILDFLOWER Susan Wiggs (Zebra)


  • COURTSHIP TEXAS STYLE Annette Broadrick (SD 739)
  • LOVE TEXAS STYLE Annette Broadrick (SD 734)
  • MARRIAGE TEXAS STYLE Annette Broadrick (SD 745)
  • ANOTHER DAWN Sandra Brown (Warner)
  • MIRROR IMAGE Sandra Brown (Warner)
  • RELENTLESS DESIRE Sandra Brown (2nd Chance 106)
  • SUNSET EMBRACE Sandra Brown (Warner)
  • TEXAS CHASE Sandra Brown (Warner)
  • TEXAS LUCKY Sandra Brown (Warner)
  • TEXAS SAGE Sandra Brown (Warner)
  • AMARILLO BY MORNING Bethany Campbell (Harl. Crystal Creek)
  • THE THUNDER ROLLS Bethany Campbell (Harl.)
  • HEARTS AGAINST THE WIND Kathy Clark (Harl. Crystal Creek)
  • HEIRESS Janet Dailey (Fawcett)
  • COWBOYS AND CABERNET Margot Dalton (Harl. Crystal Creek)
  • EVEN THE NIGHTS ARE BETTER Margot Dalton (Harl. Crystal Creek)
  • NIGHT STRIKER Joan Hohl aka Amii Lorin (Candlelight Ecst. 113)
  • ONE TOUGH HOMBRE Joan Hohl (SD 372)
  • DIRT RICH Clark Howard (St. Martin's)
  • THE YANKEE Kristin James (Harlequin)
  • THE COWBOY AND THE PRINCESS Joan Johnston (SD 785)
  • A LITTLE TIME IN TEXAS Joan Johnston (Silh. 710)
  • AFTER THE LIGHTS GO OUT Barbara Kaye (Harl. Crystal Creek)
  • DEEP IN THE HEART Barbara Kaye (Harl. Crystal Creek)
  • EVERYBODY'S TALKIN' Barbara Kaye (Harl. Crysytal Creek)
  • PERFECT Judith McNaught (Pocket)
  • TEXAS FURY Fern Michaels (Ballantine)
  • TEXAS HEAT Fern Michaels (Ballantine)
  • CALHOUN Diana Palmer (SR 580)
  • JUSTIN Diana Palmer (SR 592)
  • RED ROVER Lass Small (SD 491)
  • DOMINIC Lass Small (SD 697)
  • TAGGED Lass Small (SD 534)
  • GUITARS, CADILLACS Cara West (Harl. Crystal Creek)


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