The RT Booklovers Convention is always a highlight of the year for readers, authors, booksellers and publishing industry professionals. But as anyone who has ever put together a party knows, it takes a lot of people working behind the scenes to create a week-long celebration. This year you can be a part of making this the best RT Booklovers Convention ever.

Volunteer positions (descriptions below) are not paid but special perks include earlier admission into the events you are working and guaranteed seat in the program you monitor. If you would like to volunteer e-mail Jo Carol Jones, jocarol@rtcovention.com.

Click on the volunteer oportunity you are interested in to learn more! 

Volunteer Job Opportunities Pre-Convention: 

Media  Publicity

Volunteer Job Opportunities and Positions On-Site:


Convention Greeter

Social Events

Goody Room Set-Up

Goody Room Worker

Program Coordinator Assistant

Program Monitor

Promotion Lane

Club RT

Editor And Agent Appointments

Book Fair

Book Expo

Thursday Special Autographing

Volunteer On-Site Coordinator


Local Published Authors

RT Book Reviews would like to invite the local Published Authors to help us greet Attendees see below:
If you are planning on attending the convention, we want you to be a part of the Welcoming Party!

Benefits of being a Local Author Welcoming Attendees:

• Receive a special badge showing your Community Spirit and stand out from the other Published Authors

• Get your name to RT Publicist in advance, so that publicity interviews and media blasts can be arranged

• Share your input on how to make this a memorable event

If you cannot attend the convention but would like to welcome the attendees, a special one-day pass is available. Contact Jo Carol Jones at 281-471-1077 or e-mail at JoCarol@RTConvention.com.


Volunteer Job Opportunities




This job requires someone who is familiar with and can work with newspapers, TV and radio to promote the Convention and the Book Fair. You will also be required to write Press Releases. Prior approval of any Press Release will be obtained from RT Book Reviews.


You will pass out bookmarks, posters and flyers to book stores, libraries, schools, and any other place you deem necessary or appropriate for promotion of the Convention.



This is the center of the Convention. Everyone who is attending the Convention checks in here to pick up their registration materials and get their bearings. It’s the distribution point for Convention materials. It is also the information desk for anyone who has questions.

Before registration opens, you will help the RT Convention Staff fill packets with Convention materials. When registration begins, you will work alongside the staff handing out materials. You will also answer a wide variety of first-day questions which will drive you crazy.

Estimated Time: Monday 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm.

A crucial part of launching the Convention is to greet everyone in a pleasant manner. Attendees will want to register expediently and have their questions answered. Be prepared to move fast and know the answers or write down the question and get the answer.


Will be stationed in hotel lobby on Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday welcoming attendees to the convention and giving the directions to Convention Registration, Club RT, etc.

SOCIAL EVENTS (Mixers, Parties ... )

Social Events are celebrations with all the conventioneers and staff. This may include Morning Mixers, Luncheons, Cocktail Mixers, and Evening Parties.
Assist the RT staff in making the events run smoothly.

Including, but not limited to, the following:

• Decorating the tables

• Assembling on-site decorations

• Keeping everyone out of the room until given the okay to open the doors

• Door Monitors (mixers)

• Assist in seating conventioneers

Depending on the event, you may have to arrive 3 hours before the event is scheduled to start. You will decorate the tables and make adjustments to the room per RT Convention Staff directions. Return 20 minutes prior to the event starting and entertain the masses in the foyer area until the doors are opened.

Once the room has filled, and you have a ticket to the event, you can relax and have a great time at the reserved volunteer table which is located near the front of the room. When the event is over, you will pick-up RT decorations.


The Goody Room is the area where the "free" books from the publishers and authors are set up for the Conventioneers. Each attendee with a correct badge is allowed one trip through the Goody Room to select a pre-determined number of books. You will work with other volunteers and staff to unpack all of the books shipped to the Convention for the Goody Bags. You will be opening boxes and stacking books on the tables. Put on your jeans and weight belt. You will be able to make your selection of books as soon as the room is in order. This is one of the volunteer opportunities that require you to arrive on Monday.


The Goody Room is the "book heaven" of the Convention. It is your opportunity to receive free books.

You will check each attendee’s badge to be sure they are entitled to a certain number of books, and insure that no one takes more than the allotted number of books. You will replenish "goody" book stock from the storage under the tables and keep the room looking neat. Goody Room monitors will also need to familiarize themselves with the layout of the hotel in order to answer questions.

Goody Room volunteers will enjoy visiting with excited Convention attendees, including the authors. It is a great place to connect with new attendees and see old friends at the beginning of Convention.


Many programs are presented over the course of the five-day Convention. The assistant works with the Program Coordinator on location at the convention. Makes sure that the Captains, Monitors and Workshop contacts have a location on site to troubleshoot. Will have designated location next to the Information Table/Registration area.

This job would be during the hours of the workshops. Wednesday 1 to 6 pm, Thursday and Friday 9am to 6pm, Sunday 10am to 6pm


Many programs are presented over the course of the five-day Convention. Some are panel discussions, some are single-presenter, some are town-hall-style interactive meetings, and some are casual "chats."

Program Monitors will work with the Program Coordinator. You will make sure the room is set; i.e., correct sign identifying the speaker and the program title is beside the door, attendees’ chairs/tables are arranged properly (most will be theater style), table in front of room with correct number of chairs, envelope with program information on table, equipment if requested, and water for authors. If needed, you will assist authors in passing out material. When it is time for the program to begin, you will close the door.

If a problem arises at any time (the microphone isn’t working, room is the wrong temperature or too small, heckler), you will locate RT Program Coordinator/Assistant immediately and help troubleshoot the problem.
You must take an accurate count of the attendees in your program and report it to the Program Coordinator. Fill out form in the program envelope and give to Program Coordinator at the end of your shift.

It’s a solo job that is more structured than any other volunteer position. It is suggested that you introduce yourself prior to the convention via e-mail and immediately before the workshop starts so the Captain is familiar with who you are. This is a great position because you get to listen to the speaker while you are volunteering.


Promotion Lane is the place for all "free" promotional items provided by the authors and publishers.

Posters and items need to be arranged in an attractive display and maintained during the entire Convention. Attendees can pick up any number of items. However, if you see someone picking up 10 of the exact same item, you will be asked to tactfully remind them that others would like to have that item too. This is controlled chaos.

You will help set-up Promotion Lane on Tuesday and take down on Saturday after the Book Fair.


Club RT is the place for attendees to meet authors. Authors provide gift baskets to be given out throughout the convention. You will be responsible for helping with the drawings and announcing winners, making sure that the authors have seating at their appointed times. Posters and items need to be arranged in an attractive display and maintained during the entire Convention. This too, is controlled chaos.

Take photos of all the basket winners and record who received the authors’ baskets and email photo to the author. You will help set-up Club RT on Tuesday and take down on Friday afternoon.


Help the RT Convention Staff with Editor/Agent appointments. Your duties will include checking in writers as they arrive for their appointments, helping to maintain order, and assisting the staff to keep appointments on schedule.

You must be businesslike and professional when meeting editors and agents. Make sure they have water at their table. You must also help put nervous writers at ease while they wait for their appointments. The big challenge in this area is keeping to the scheduled appointment times. Therefore, you will need to tactfully stop an interview that is going over their allotted time.


Set-up begins at 8 am. You will help the book store unpack and set the authors’ books on their tables.

• Collectible books to be autographed. These must be checked in and labeled. You will direct them to the correct area for this purpose. Help monitor doors and hand out Book Fair brochure.

• During the Book Fair you may be asked to assist with crowd line control.

• Prior to entering register lines, books must be sorted between new, used and free gift.

The Book Fair is an intense experience. DO NOT WORRY about missing your favorite author. You will be asked to give us two hours for the Book Fair. Volunteers that work more than 2 hours that day will receive a 20% discount on all books purchased.


• Set up begins at 2 pm. You will help place consignment books on the authors’ tables. 

• Collectible books to be autographed. These must be checked in and labeled. You will direct them to the correct area for this purpose.

• Help monitor doors and hand out EXPO brochure.

• Prior to entering register lines, books must be sorted between e-book download to be purchased, new consignment books, collectibles and free gift.


Set up begins at 1 pm. You will help place books on the authors' tables. Collectible books to be autographed. These must be checked in and labeled. You will direct them to the correct area for this purpose. Help monitor doors and author lines.


You will receive a list of volunteers prior to the Convention. This list will include their name, phone number and email address. You will also receive a listing of volunteer duties and number of volunteers needed to perform each duty. It is suggested that you have volunteers sign-up for days and times prior to the Convention.

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