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Gratitude Abounds: An Inspy Reading List for the Holidays

With Thanksgiving next week, we're counting our blessings as we refine our menu — and our reading list. And what better subgenre to tackle during this most thankful of holidays than inspirational? We've rounded up some of the greatest — and most grateful — inspirational titles for you to tackle over the long weekend.

It's Not All Kissable Lips: Cynthia Ruchti on Real, Enduring Romance

Sure, we all love reading about impossibly romantic heroes — but sometimes the sweetest gesture of all isn't a bouquet or being swept away for a weekend (though we won't say no to any of those, Mother's Day is Sunday), it's the more meaningful, real gestures that tell us if a guy's really a keeper.

Fanning the Spark: Debut Inspirational Author Emily T. Wierenga on Marriage and Romance

Marriage is great, certainly, but it doesn't always resemble a romance novel. After years together, sometimes the spark dims as your time is taken over by kids, chores and work. (Don't get us started on the never ending trips to the grocery store.) But there's hope! Today we have debut inspirational novelist Emily T.