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Cover Reveal: The Best of Both Rogues by Samantha Grace

Do you have a case of the holiday blues, or just need a break from the madness? Well, frown no more because we have just the remedy — a cover reveal! Today's reveal is for Samantha Grace's The Best of Both Rogues, the third in the Rival Rogues series, and it's splendidly sultry and drop dead gorgeous. Take a look:

Cover Breakdown: Baked Fresh by Annabeth Albert

I love that so many publishers are jumping on the LGBTQI train and one of the 2015 releases I'm most excited about is Annabeth Albert's Baked Fresh, which is the second in her upcoming Portland Heat series. With a sexy baker looking for love, a hot acquaintance who volunteers at a homeless shelter and the highs and lows of new love, what's not to like about this book?

2015 Book Hankerings: Romance

Sure, we've all got a lot to look forward to, with the holidays so near. Presents! Cookies! New Year's! But as vigilant bibliophiles, we're also looking further ahead: to what great books 2015 will bring us! All this week the RT team will be presenting you with our most-wished-for titles of the new year. Today, we’re ogling 2015 romance releases!