Carol Stacy, Publisher & Internet Director

Carol Stacy

Publisher & Internet Director


Carol can be reached at and welcomes feedback of the magazine and the website so she can learn what the readers want and better serve the RT Book Reviews community.


Carol Stacy’s name has become synonymous with RT since she has been with the company since 1984 and has taken the magazine through its many incarnations over the years. Her vision for the company is simple: set goals, achieve them and repeat. Her philosophy? Never rest on your laurels, always stay ahead of the trends and always listen to what readers want. Her eclectic background — ranging from a lead singer in a rock band to a master quilter to a degree in marketing at Brooklyn College — is why she clicked so well with the founder of the company Kathryn Falk who is a self-proclaimed eccentric. Kathryn’s entrepreneurial spirit and Carol’s ability to execute the plethora of innovative ideas for the company and the magazine made for an unstoppable team on a mission to serve readers.


Get To Know Carol Stacy:

What is an accomplishment you are proud of? There are many including raising two great kids but if I had to choose one in my career it would be launching our very first website back in 1996 when almost no publisher or author had one. It was quite a feat since there were no models to go by. I took the lead from our readers and created a site with information I felt they wanted including a robust search function to sift through the thousands of RT reviews already in print and the thousands more to come.

 Where is your favorite place to read? My favorite place to read is at my weekend home in the Pocono Mountains where there is no internet access and no cable TV.  Unfortunately my smartphone does work so I do get distracted with emails. The cabin is perched high on a hill (60 stairs to the entrance) and the view is spectacular. We call it our birdhouse since you are up in the trees when lounging on the deck or curled up inside by the wood-burning stove.  

 Which TV show do you hate to miss? I don’t really watch a lot of TV but I do DVR my favorites so that I can catch up at my leisure. I love the HBO series and I am hooked on Charlaine Harris’s True Blood. I am also a huge fan of Big Love, which gets more bizarre with each episode. My favorite network TV shows are Criminal Minds (scares me to death), Grey’s Anatomy (love the corny characters), Lost (love the challenge of trying to follow it), and most recently Mercy, just because it tries to capture New Jersey spirit, which amuses me.

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