Liz French, Managing Editor

(Pictured with cover model Andre Claude)

Liz French

Managing Editor


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I moved to New York City from Indianapolis, Ind., for love in 1989. I stayed here for love of the big bad city — and the publishing jobs (this was a while ago!). Brooklyn is my home now; I live pretty close to the RT office, where I have worked for almost seven years in various editorial capacities.


Get To Know Liz French:

If you could go backward or forward in time, which would you choose? Why? Definitely backward—but not too far. I’m a total retro-geek, I love all things vintage, from movies to books to clothing and furniture. I would love to go back to the 1920s and 30s, or the 40s, even the 50s. I’m not sure I’d want to stay in any of those eras, though, I’d miss modern-day concepts like women’s equality and civil rights, not to mention cell phones and the Internet.

 What is one of your favorite book covers? I felt like I’d died and gone to retro-heaven when Hard Case Crime came on the scene. It’s a little imprint run by the fabulous author Charles Ardai, and the company publishes new noir and old, out-of-print hardboiled classics from the golden age of detective fiction. Almost every cover is a keeper. I also love the covers of Megan Abbott’s books — as well as what’s between them!

 Do you have a favorite place to read? Everywhere. I’ve tripped on the sidewalk while walking and reading a particularly good book (I think it was a Dorothy Sayers). I’ve dunked more than a few novels in the bathwater. I’ve missed a subway stop because I was so immersed in a book (that was The Time Traveler’s Wife).

Who’s your favorite fictional hero? When I was much younger, I pined for Heathcliff. Now I find him insufferable and ridiculous (though Laurence Olivier plays him so swooningly well in the 1937 movie version of Wuthering Heights). Now I’m much more impressed by the semi-sane guys who treat their women better!

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