March 2011 issue 325



Sabrina Jeffries
The Sharpes return with more escapades as the independent, high-spirited novelist Minerva turns the Regency on its ear.



The Name Game
”La Nora” did it with J.D., now others are too. Find out why initials are the trend in genre fiction pen names.

New Author Watch
Meet five debut authors eager to wow you with their first novels.

Erin Brockovich, Novelist?
Thriller writer CJ Lyons interviews her co-author, world-renowned environmental advocate Brockovich, about her life and their new series.

Independent Booksellers
Tackle the Digital Dilemma
Hear from several indie booksellers about how e-books are impacting their business, what they are doing to fight for their stores and how readers can help them survive.

Julie James Takes Flight
From attorney to screenwriter to novelist, meet contemporary romance’s newest star.

Inspy Authors’ Divine dialogue
A candid Q&A with writers at the American Christian Writers Convention on craft, Christian fiction recommendations and boundaries.


Writing With The Stars
It’s down to the final four in the RT and Kensington Brava search for a new author, as those left standing give us their take on best secondary characters.


Judy Blundell
The award-winning author returns to the 1950s with another tale of intrigue.

Carrie Ryan
On the power of love. And, you know, zombies.

It’s Unnatural
How excited we are about Michael Griffo’s new paranormal series starring a gay teen.

Ordinary People
Carol Lynch Williams tells us why she just can’t seem to write funny anymore.


Melissa Marr
Fans get to ask the questions as we talk to one of YA’s hottest authors.

Historical snapshot
Hoop skirts in the Regency? Waltzing in the colonial? Get the skinny on what is and isn’t proper in the different historical eras romance readers love.

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