Regina Small, Associate Editor

Regina Small

Associate Editor 


Regina can be reached via an email to or a call to (718) 237-1097 x24.


Originally from the Bronx, Regina attended Fordham University, where she studied English and philosophy. After graduating, she spent six unfortunate months in law school before realizing magazine publishing is her passion. Beforing joining the RT staff, Regina was an assistant editor in the book reviews department of America magazine, the national Catholic weekly. In her spare time, she enjoys reading all the science fiction/fantasy novels and comic books she can get her hands on. She dreams of spending time in the TARDIS and her favorite superhero is Batgirl.


Get To Know Regina:

What was one of the first romance novels you ever read? My first exposure to romance novels was a little unconventional. At my "sweet 16" birthday party, one of my good friends gifted me with the first four books in the Anita Blake series -- Guilty Pleasures, and everything about Anita and Jean-Claude's pas de deux, blew my mind. I loved seeing this combative, strong but wounded heroine holding her own against an array of supernaturally powerful enemies. (Appropriately, the same friend who introduced me to the Anita series also took me to my first Lady Jane's Salon reading in NYC!)

Which fictional hero would you love to go on a date with? My younger self is crying out for me to choose the classics: either Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) or Professor Bhaer (Little Women, but think Gabriel Byrne taking Jo to the opera) but in recent years, I would have to say Renard from Susan Carroll's The Dark Queen -- I have a weakness for discerning heroes who manage to challenge and respect their heroines.


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