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Harlequin Intrigue celebrates its 500th book this January with the publication of SHATTERED LULLABY, which advance reviews are calling, blistering romance and heart-in-your-mouth suspense. The eighteenth book in the popular 43 Light Street series is also the second by Ruth Glick, writing solo as Rebecca York. The book is also featured in Harlequins 50th anniversary celebration. Ruth is honored, and excited to have been chosen Harlequins author-of-the-month for January!

We all have favorite stories, Ruth says. One of mine is the good woman who isnt married but becomes pregnantand then must cope on her own with the emotional turmoil and problems of unwed motherhood. Will she tell the man she loves that shes carrying his child? If she does, how will he react? Do they have a chance of happiness together now that he unexpectedly has to face the responsibility of fatherhood?

These are some of the issues Ruth explores in SHATTERED LULLABY, the story of Jessie Douglas and Miguel Valero. And of course its the kind of book she loves to write, focused on a man and a woman who must work through their problems against a background of intrigue and danger. Jessie falls in love with Miguel, not realizing that he is on the run from a man who will go to any lengths to kill him and anyone who gets close to him. Miguel knows that his position gives him few options, but he doesnt realize that in Jessie, hes found a woman strong enough to cope with his deadly dilemma.

Since Ive been writing on my own as Rebecca York, Ive been able to explore many of the themes that fuel my own fantasies, Ruth says. In the 43 Light Street book Im writing now, MIDNIGHT CALLER, Im telling the story of Meg Faulkner, who thinks shes working to overthrow a man beneath contempt, a man with terrible secrets that must be exposed. But once she gets close to Glenn Bridgman, she doesnt know whose side shes on anymore. I think of it as a kind of Beauty and the Beast story, although Glenn Bridgman's anguish comes from his tortured past, not his appearance.

In addition to MIDNIGHT CALLER, Ruth is also writing Counterfeit Wife, a Light Street novella scheduled for publication next July in A HOT SUMMER DUET which showcases two of Intrigues most popular series.

Catch up with Ruth (both as Rebecca York and in her other incarnation as a cookbook writer). Her website is For a new Light Street bookmark, send a business-sized SASE to her at P.O. Box 1233, Columbia, MD 21044-0233. Ruth is giving away a signed copy of SHATTERED LULLABY in January. To enter the drawing, write to her at her P.O. Box or e-mail her at (mention contest #5). She loves to hear from her readers.

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