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Marrying the woman who has declared his downfall is the last thing the aloof and arrogant Earl of Pentargon, Anthony Hartstone, expects when he takes possession of the island of Abandon. In the beginning, he laughs off the warnings given to him about her powers.

Anthony is accustomed to being obeyed and besides, he doesnt plan on keeping the island, which he blames responsible for his brothers death.

Truly the island is home to hearty souls, and none more headstrong than the lovely Morwenna Halliwell. Morwenna, an unconventional young Englishwomen who is a self-admitted social flop, will do anything
to save her enchanted home.

When Anthony puts the islands precious historical legacy at risk by offering it to the highest bidder, it never occurs to him that an entire islandincluding the flowers and birdsmight rise up to rebel under the leadership of this very persistent and attractive young lady.

At first, unseen forces seem to be working in her favor. Against his own will, Lord Pentargon finds himself enchanted by her fiery beauty and courageous manner. Nonetheless he dismisses Morwennas complaints and attempts to preserve Abandon and its ancient legends. The result of their battle of wills is an arranged marriageto each other!

The headstrong hero and heroine were delightful to write about. I loved their conflicting goals just as much as their coming together on common ground. Add to their passionate union, the legend of King Arthur, a mischief-making sorceress, and the magical caves of Cornwall, and you have the story of the island of Abandon.

Writing ABANDON was wonderful and I look forward to your letters. Write me at P.O. Box 7451, Redlands, CA 92375.

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