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All right. Let’s cut to the chase.

At one time or another, most of us have dreamed of the perfect guy. Perhaps you’ve even fantasized about a god?

He’s tall, built to perfection, smart, and wealthy. He’s indestructible, and you never, ever have to worry about him dying.

Oh yeah, he’s also secretly in love with you. But what if on the inside, gods were just like people? Quirky, flawed, and slightly neurotic. Only with thousands of years of baggage instead of a few decades.

Would you still want your “perfect” god? Or would you need to go through the motions and “try him on for size” just like you’d do with any man?

Emma Keane is about to try on Votan, one of the deadliest gods ever to walk the universe. And the motions? Well, they won’t be following any standard dating protocols there. After all, he is a god.

Take, for example, how they meet. A party? Online dating service? Nope. Emma was born with the ability to hear Votan’s voice, and as she grows, she has no clue what or who he really.

Naturally, you can imagine this created a little tension right from the start. She wasn’t too happy about being branded a freak growing up. And when Emma finally became a woman, it didn’t help that Votan sabotaged her every attempt to have a boyfriend.

Making matters worse, she just can’t stop obsessing over him. That voice. The mystery of who he really is. The dreams she has almost every night about what he might look like. It’s all very disruptive to a young woman’s chances of leading a normal life.

From Votan’s perspective, he’s no more thrilled with Emma than she is with him. For starters, Emma isn’t exactly easy to get along with. She’s stubborn, slightly whiny, and walks around ticked off all the time. Still, he can’t seem to help himself from wanting to protect her. Even if it’s against her will.

Yes. This relationship seems doomed from the start.

So when Emma is given the chance to unravel the mystery and rid herself from Votan forever, she jumps at the chance. So what if she has to get on a plane and travel alone to an isolated ruin in the Yucatan jungle? Seems like a no brainer to me. I’d go for it!

So, without further ado, here is their first date. Let’s see how it goes…

- Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

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