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Marsha Canham

Genre: Elizabethan Period, England, Historical Romance

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Across a Moonlit Sea

Marsha Canham: My January tour of the Northeast promoting Across a Moonlit Sea as part of Dell's Four of Hearts, was fantastic! For a while I thought I worked for the postal service-neither snow, nor sleet nor raging blizzards would keep me from my appointed rounds-but what is life without some adventures along the way? The bookstores were incredibly enthusiastic and incredibly hospitable, especially the independents like I'll Take Romance, an RT Bookstore That Cares in New Jersey. Special thanks to Mary Shields for my award for "Most Innovative Place for Making Love"! And by way of returning the favor, I'm sure there are a few members of the Long Island RWA who are still thanking me for introducing them to Mud Slides. Hey, no one forced you to drink them!

For an exquisite postcard of Dante de Tourville, the scrumptious hero from Across a Moonlit Sea, or for the equally delicious Mud Slide recipe, feel free to send an SASE to 98 Noake Crescent, Ajaz, Ontario, L1T 3L7. Thanks, Dell, for exposing me to the elements and to my fans!

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