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Merline Lovelace

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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High-flying isn't just a word that sums up Merline Lovelace's career, but also her life. This military brat was a globetrotter at a very tender age, thanks to Dad's career in the Army Air Corps and Air Force. Like her brother and sisters, Merline followed in her father's footsteps, joining the Air Force in 1968. But it wasn't all work and no play: She met her husband, Al, her second day of active duty!

A year later, thanks to a stint studying Mandarin at Princeton University (as part of a test class right before they went coed), Merline was transferred to Taiwan. She and Al were married overseas and a year later, they both transferred to Vietnam. (He was stationed at DaNang and she was at Ton Son Nhut during 1972's Easter Offensive.)

Though it was a harrowing time, Merline was proud to serve (and later used her time there as background for her 1997 romance, Duty and Dishonor). After Vietnam, Merline and Al jumped from station to station, making their way all over the country, even serving a stint at the Pentagon. At Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, Merline faced another great challenge: serving as Support Wing Commander and presiding over a service staff of 2,000.

After 23 years of active duty, Merline retired in 1991 and turned
to her second career—and lifetime love—writing. Since her debut in 1993, she's penned more than 100 titles, including category romances, historical novels and single-title contemporary romantic suspense. Her novels are read the world over, with more than 6 million copies in print in more than 24 countries, such as Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Spain, Sweden and Taiwan.

In addition, Merline has won a number of awards and distinctions. Many of her books have charted on both the USA Today and Waldenbooks bestseller lists. In 1998, she was honored by the University of Oklahoma, who named her the Oklahoma Writer of the Year, vaulting her into the revered company of such literary luminaries as Tony Hillerman and Louis L'Amour. She was the recipient of the Romance Writers of America's RITA Award in 2001 for her novella "Final Approach to Forever" in the anthology Special Report. She also won the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award in 1993 and the Career Achievement Award for Series Romantic Adventure in 2001.
With a heart (and pen) that bleeds red, white and blue, it's easy to
see why Merline Lovelace is one of the genre's most admired authors.





2001 "The Major's Wife," THE OFFICER'S BRIDE (Harlequin)

2000 "Mismatched Hearts," BRIDES BY ARRANGEMENT (Harlequin)

1998 "A Whiff of Frankincense," THE GIFTS OF CHRISTMAS (Harlequin)

1998 THE TIGER'S BRIDE (Harlequin Historicals)

1998 COUNTESS IN BUCKSKIN (Harlequin Historicals)

1996 LADY OF THE UPPER KINGDOM (Harlequin Historicals)

1995 HIS LADY'S RANSOM (Harlequin Historicals)

1995 "Rogue Knight," RENEGADES THREE (Harlequin)

1994 SIREN'S CALL (Harlequin Historicals)

1994 SWEET SONG OF LOVE (Harlequin Historicals)

1994 ALENA (Harlequin Historicals)


2002 "Undercover Ops," THE HEART'S COMMAND (Silhouette)

2001 DARK SIDE OF DAWN (Signet)

2000 "Final Approach to Forever," SPECIAL REPORT (Silhouette)

1999 RIVER RISING (Onyx)

1998 CALL OF DUTY (Onyx)


1996 LINE OF DUTY (Onyx)


2001 THE SPY WHO LOVED HIM (Silhouette Intimate Moments)

1999 UNDERCOVER GROOM (Silhouette Desire)

1999 THE MERCENARY AND THE NEW MOM (Silh. Intimate Moments)

1998 RETURN TO SENDER (Silhouette Intimate Moments)

1996 BEAUTY AND THE BODYGUARD (Silh. Fortune's Children Series)

1994 SOMEWHERE IN TIME (Silhouette Intimate Moments)

1994 DREAMS AND SCHEMES (Silhouette Desire)

1994 MAGGIE AND HER COLONEL (Harlequin Stolen Moments)

1993 BITS AND PIECES (Meteor Kismet)
Code Name: Danger

2002 TEXAS HERO (Silhouette Intimate Moments)

2002 HOT AS ICE (Silhouette Intimate Moments)

1996 PERFECT DOUBLE (Silhouette Intimate Moments)

1995 UNDERCOVER MAN (Silhouette Intimate Moments)

1995 THE COWBOY AND THE COSSACK (Silhouette Intimate Moments)

1995 NIGHT OF THE JAGUAR (Silhouette Intimate Moments)
Holiday Honeymoons

1999 "His First Father's Day," HOLIDAY HONEYMOONS:


1997 THE 14TH… AND FOREVER (Silhouette Intimate Moments)

1996 WRONG BRIDE, RIGHT GROOM (Silhouette Desire)

1996 HALLOWEEN HONEYMOON (Silhouette Desire)
Men of the Bar-H

2001 TWICE IN ONE LIFETIME (Silhouette Intimate Moments)

2000 THE HARDER THEY FALL (Silhouette Intimate Moments)

2000 MISTAKEN IDENTITY (Silhouette Intimate Moments)

1999 A MAN OF HIS WORD (Silhouette Intimate Moments)

1998 IF A MAN ANSWERS (Silhouette Intimate Moments)

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