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Linda Howard

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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After the Night

He has long black hair and dark eyes, and a diamond stud in one ear. He's rich and ruthless, he's bold and charming. He's Gray Rouillard, a southern bad boy who grew up to be king of his own small part of Louisiana. He has a strong sense of responsibility and he's very protective of his family. But he has one weakness...and she's back in town.

Her name is Faith Devlin. With her dark red hair and green eyes, she's the spitting image of her mother, the town whore who, when Faith was fourteen, ran away with Gray's father and tore both families apart. Faith had loved Gray from the time she was a little girl, and it broke her heart when he ran her family out of town.

But she wasn't like the rest of the Devlins; Faith was determined to make something of herself, determined that no one would ever again call her trash. With nothing other than her own intelligence and gritty determination, Faith made herself into a successful businesswoman and built a new life. But through the years her love for Gray Rouillard never faded, and twelve years after he'd thrown her family out of their home, Faith returned to the town that had always scorned her.

Gray will do almost anything to protect his mother and sister from the pain and humiliation that had nearly destroyed them when his father deserted them, ugly memories that are brought back full force when Faith Devlin returns to town. One thing he can't do is control his own attraction to Faith. When Faith refuses to leave, they go to war-but every time they meet the battle becomes more sensual and heated, until it turns into a wildfire that ignites the whole town, and unleashes a killer who wants Faith Devlin permanently removed.

Close your eyes and picture Gray Rouillard: six foot four inches of hard muscle; piercing eyes and a sensual mouth. He's ruthless and audacious and sometimes he'll make you so angry you'll want to slap him. But no matter what, Faith always gets to him. No matter how angry he is, he can't get past his instinctive protectiveness with her, or his desire. When her life is threatened, Gray learns that the past loses its importance when compared with the possibility of losing the woman he's never been able to forget.

Readers can write to me c/o Pocket Books, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020. My next Pocket release is SHADES OF TWILIGHT, set for June '96. And for fans of the Mackenzies: MACKENZIE'S PLEASURE, a Silhouette Intimate Moments, is a February release. This is Zane's story. Maris' story will be told in a Silhouette anthology to be released in December '96. A new Mackenzie-Chance-is introduced in MACKENZIE'S PLEASURE. Yes, he too will have his own book.

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