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Sherryl Woods

Book Title: AFTER TEX
Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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How many times have you watched in awe and amazement as Martha Stewart turns some dusty object into a treasure or creates a gourmet dish with the ease most of us experience only when tossing a hot dog into boiling water? She runs a virtual media empire, promotes a whole line of linens and backyard lawn furniture, and for all I know does it without breaking a sweat. It may be an enviable talent, but its darned frustrating for us mere mortals.

The best part of being a writer is that we can sometimes take out our frustrations with such folks in the pages of a book. Thus came the creation of Megan ORourke, a Martha Stewart wannabe whos on the brink of stardom in AFTER TEX, my first single-title contemporary for Mira Books. Like Amazing Gracie last year, this is pure romantic romp.

It begins with a woman youd love to hate, but poor Megan is about to face the collapse of her entire universe, which hopefully will have you rooting for her in no time at all. Megan might be queen of all the latest lifestyle trends, but it becomes crystal clear that she doesnt know a thing about life or love or family.

When her beloved grandfather, the man who raised her, dies, Megan is forced to return to Whispering Wind, Wyoming, a town shed hoped never to set foot in again. Once there she discovers that Tex ORourke has left her with a few surprises, including an eight-year-old daughter he neglected to mention and a will that pretty much necessitates Megan sticking around Whispering Wind for the foreseeable future. Just to make sure she adheres to the terms of his will, Tex has put a sexy scoundrel of a lawyer in charge of his estate.

Jake Landers and Megan have a long history and a few of Texs meddling shenanigans standing between them, but Jake is a determined man. He wants Texs ranch, a family, and Meganand not necessarily in that order.

I havent had this much fun watching two people tangle in a long time. And like all small towns, Whispering Wind is populated with all kinds of people and all sorts of emotional intrigue, some good, some bad. As everyone, including Megan, struggles with the meaning of love, I hope youll settle in and enjoy yourself, because Ill be back again in a few months with another story set here, this time with Megans frighteningly efficient executive assistant, Todd Winston, as the hero of Angel Mine.
Just like Megan, the man truly deserves his comeuppance. There will be lots more on Angel Mine in months ahead.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for more books in the And Baby Makes Three mini-series from Silhouette Special Edition. In January, Ill introduce a whole new family, The Delacourts of Texas, to the town of Los Piqos, beginning with The Cowboy and the New Years Baby. Your response to this series has been incredible and I cant tell you how grateful I am. I hope youll fall in love with Trish Delacourt and her four brothers, as well as her meddling father, whos trying his best to match Harlan Adamswho youll remember from the Baby Makes Three serieswhen it comes to interfering in his childrens lives. Many of the Adamses will appear in these books as well, so you can keep up with those beloved characters.

One last piece of exciting news. By the time you read this, my new website should be up and running. You can find it at Not only will there be regular updates about my latest books, but a link to e-mail me directly and a monthly contest you can enter to win autographed books and other prizes. I hope youll check it out.

As always, I love to hear from you. You can write me via e-mail at or the old-fashioned way at P.O. Box 490326, Key Biscayne, FL 33149. Those addresses work even during the months Im in Colonial Beach, Virginia running my bookstore, Potomac Sunrisean ongoing adventure that keeps me in touch with so many of the readers who are the reason
I write in the first place.

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