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In the Age of the Romantic Comedy, One Author Preserves the Magic of Traditional Love Stories

While many publishers and authors are restructuring their books to capture a younger generation
of readers who don't "do" romance in the traditional way, and other writers are trading the happily ever after for a P.I. badge and a gun, Lisa Kleypas continues to perfect the Great American Romance Novel.

Since her first histor-ical romance in 1995, Kleypas' books have only grown more romantic—and more sensual, according to her
readers, reviewers and her editor. "Kleypas harkens back to the origins of the genre, but
in an updated way," says RT BOOKclub senior reviewer Kathe Robin. "Kleypas also creates characters who are romantic unto themselves: the dark hero and the impetuous heroine who both are intelligent, yet who can see the importance of love and never give up on the hope that love is possible."

Kleypas' newest release, AGAIN THE MAGIC, explores
an impossible romance between a young stablehand
and an earl's daughter. After spending their childhood together on the earl's estate, the two are separated as adults by impassable class restrictions. Many years later, they meet again. McKenna, the former stablehand, isn't ready to forgive his love, Aline, for playing by the rules:

Aline forced herself to break the excruciating silence. "You must tell me about how you have
come to work for a man like Mr. Shaw."

"It's a long story."

"I am eager to hear it. What happened to the boy who didn't even care if he made it to first footman?"

"He got hungry."

Aline stared at him with a mixture of dread and fascination, sensing the complexity beneath the simple statement. She wanted to know every detail, to understand what had happened to McKenna, and
to discover the facets of the man he had become.

McKenna seemed unable to take his gaze from hers.
For some reason a band of color appeared high on
his cheeks, as if he had spent too long in the sun. He
came toward her with undue caution, as if her nearness
presented some threat to him. As he stopped just a foot away from her, the paralyzing heat flooded her again.
She inhaled quickly, the air feeling rich and heavy
in her lungs.

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