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Kayla Perrin

Book Title: AGAIN, MY LOVE
Genre: Multicultural, Contemporary Romance

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Author's Message

Again, My Love

I started writing when I was first physically able to put words on paper," says new author Kayla Perrin. "It was years later that I learned people actually got paid to write books and I thought, 'This is the perfect career for me!'"

Already, two publishing houses have agreed that writing books is what Kayla, also a film actress with directing and editing credits, should be doing. Genesis Press will release the Jamaican-born, Toronto-based author's first book, Again, My Love, this January, and Kensington has signed the author up for two contemporary/romantic suspense novels.

Genesis's Indigo imprint, which can take credit for this promising new author's first work, can also take partial credit for that manuscript even existing in the first place. "An idea came to me and I started writing that story as a screenplay, then let it sit when it was three-quarters finished," Kayla explains. "When, by chance, I met with an editor from Genesis Press at the Romance Writers of America conference in Dallas in 1996, that's the story idea I pitched. When I returned home from that conference, I got a letter from Genesis Press saying that they liked my story idea and that they looked forward to reviewing it. I then decided to re-write that story as a novel."

The resulting book, Again, My Love, tells the story of Marcia Robertson, whose heart was broken by her first love, Gavin Williams, when he forced her to choose between him and a once-in-a-lifetime acting opportunity. Now, four years later, Gavin has returned and wants to reconcile. Not only does Marcia resist, fearing that he'll break her heart again, but Gavin's reappearance starts to bring to the surface the pain of a secret she kept from him all those years ago.

Readers can expect some steamy sex since the author admits to liking "deeply emotional, sensual" love scenes. "I bring a passionate man and a passionate woman together and basically the love scenes write themselves," she says.

Kayla brings her own cinematic eye and experience to Again, My Love and also admits to drawing on personal experiences. "What I don't know, I research," she adds, "but I prefer learning from other people, as opposed to books." What can other people learn from Kayla? Aspiring writers would want to take note of the fact that the only thing Kayla regrets along the way is not "getting serious" about writing until a couple of years ago. "I used to start projects and never finish them," she says. "Now I finish them...and sell them." She hopes to make a good living as a writer. "But all the success in the world won't mean anything if I don't have love. That's why I value family the most."

Right now, that family includes a husband, with whom Kayla hopes to have children. She gets mothering practice in now by playing with her nephew, and also stays busy working on a feature film that she hopes to produce and direct in the near future. Who knows, maybe one day Kayla will be directing her own romance-adapted screenplay.

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