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Is there any point trying to run from love? Thats the question to which Lucifer Cynster learns the answer in my latest volume in the Bar Cynster series, ALL ABOUT LOVE.

The answer, of course, is no, but life is never that simple. Now that Lucifer has met Phyllida Talent, he must decide that all hes believed about love, up to this point in his life, is no longer or was never true; he is beginning to understand, at last, what his four cousins and his brother have already learnedthe meaning of the Cynster family motto, To Have and To Hold,and now understands why it applies so definitely to them.

In order for Lucifer to gain what he now most desiresa marriage of love with Phyllidanot only must Lucifer accept love and willingly embrace it, but in an ironic twist that only a devilish fate could devise, he has to become an advocate for love. He has to convince Phyllida that love is worthwhile. And that, of course, is the ultimate irony.

Having succumbed to the curse from which hes spent the last 10 years of his life fleeing, Lucifer becomes one of its most devoted convertsand we all know how powerful the arguments of devoted converts can be.

This last book about the members of the Bar Cynster (although not the last book in the Cynster series) revolves about the fact that love will not be denied. Strong, intelligent men, men like the Cynstersregardless of what they may initially thinkonce they come to see and understand all that love is, are too wise not to seize it for themselves and, recognizing its benefits, become its staunchest supporters.

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