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Father Knows Best


Single Parents + Kids = A romance that sweeps you
off your feet!

Don't believe me?

In All-American Father, book three of Harlequin SuperRomance's Singles ... With Kids series, it's a single father in the hot seat. Picture me rubbing my hands in malevolent glee. Take a hard-working single parent running smack into love when least expected, drill for the warmth hidden beneath every hero's capable strength and what you get is the kind of contemporary romance I love to write!

Derrick Cavenaugh is an ex-football star and a successful San Francisco attorney. He's got it all. Too bad his rebellious 12-year-old daughter is convinced that having it all isn't for her -- it's not even for him. Leslie's sassy vulnerability kicks the story into a higher gear. Watch out! She steals each scene she's in, and she'll steal your heart while she's at it.

And speaking of hearts, Leslie drags a complete stranger into her family problems. Bailey Greenwood turns Derrick's controlled world inside out, including his post-divorce determination to be done with relationships. Staying focused on helping Leslie will save them from unwanted heartache, these two decide.

Don't they realize they're in a romance novel? Hee hee. Like I'd let them walk -- sprint -- away from their happily ever after!

The entire Singles ... With Kids series is full of fun, emotion and passion. Make sure to catch all five books.

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