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C.C. Gibbs

Book Title: ALL HE WANTS
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance, Erotic Romance

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Dear Reader,

Writers are often asked to describe their work schedule. And my answer is—what schedule? My writing falls under the heading of semi-organized chaos. When you work at home, no one actually considers what you do work. And unlike some, I have to answer the phone when it rings. (There are some lessons learned in childhood that are etched on one’s psyche-like duty and courtesy. So I blame my parents when I find myself picking up the receiver in the middle of a scene.)

Then there are the cats to let in and out. I’m their official doorman. Yes, I know. Cat doors exist. But we live in the country, and I don’t want a raccoon or fox in my house. Frankly, that would not only disrupt my writing non-schedule, but it would seriously freak me out.

So generally when a deadline is looming, I’m forced to face the gravity of the situation. So I give myself a mental lecture about getting up early, and powering up the computer. I promise to write (pick a number) pages a day to meet said deadline. Keep in mind, in college I’d stay up the entire night before a final reading ten weeks of course work–I’m an optimist–and go into a final cranked up on caffeine and adrenaline. Miraculously, things usually worked out.

But rather than get up early as I sincerely promise myself each day, I tend to stay up late, then sleep in. When I open my eyes, I glance at the clock, shriek “oh my god I’m behind schedule”, make six cups of coffee and start my day in a mild panic.

Between the caffeine and panic and a nourishing breakfast (those pesky parents again preaching the tenets of good nutrition), I usually have a good few hours at the computer where the characters inside my head are talking a mile a minute and I’m keying in as fast as I can. Then as the caffeine begins to wear off, fortunately, it's lunchtime and I eat something healthy because my reward is two Curiosity Colas. Really, I think they’re addictive…but oh sooooo good.

After that, it’s in the hands of the gods whether the scenes write themselves or I actually write them. There are definitely miracle days, but mostly it is getting from point A to B every day until voila–you have a completed book. I never know what I’m going to write each day. But what’s the most fun about writing–and I’ve felt this way from the very first–is that you have complete freedom to develop any kind of characters you like, have them speak about anything you wish, place them in a time frame and location of your choice and tell their story. I also happen to become infatuated with all of my characters because that’s just the way I am. So when you’re half in love with everyone on the page, life’s really good.

Happy Reading!

C. C. Gibbs

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