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Berkeley Shaw has the gift of second sight. Grey Janeway has a sixth sense for making money. Protecting their own secrets, however, is their first order of business. So much for a lucrative partnership.

WITH ALL MY HEART pits a man who wants no ties to his past against a woman who has been hired to find him, then find out everything about him. The setting is post-gold rush San Francisco where Americans were reinventing themselves 150 years before Madonna ever thought of it.

There was always the tantalizing possibility of something better. The great fires had a way of eliminating all evidence of the citys previous mistakespersonal ones as well. Reconstructing
a life here could be accomplished with almost as much ease as putting up a new building. No one remodeled or improved. They recreated. There was no other
place better suited to Grey Janeway than San Francisco.

Berkeley Shaw wants to leave town, but without a protector, she has no chance of surviving. But when she first encounters Grey, Berkeleys sure all that will change. Although he flatly refuses to become
her keeper, she finds a way to ingratiate herself into his life. Her psychic abilities tell her from the beginning what he will learn over timethat there is no future
for either of them without the other.

This is a brothel, isnt it? Berkeley Shaw asked.

No, its a gambling hall and hostelry, not a whorehouse. Grey Janeway wondered if he should look affronted to emphasize his answer. Im a businessman, Miss Shaw. Not a pimp. And if thats what you thought, why did you come with me? I didnt force you.

I thought you meant to help me, she said quietly. I thought I might find work with you. Im not without a talent, you know. I can cook.

Not in my kitchen, he said.
San Francisco has enough problems with fires. Can you sing? Dance? Play an instrument?

Not so I can earn my way.

Do you know anything about gaming? Faro? Dice? Poker?




And you dont want to be a whore?


Well then, what is it you can do, Miss Shaw?

Berkeley studied him a moment. Give me your hand, Mr. Janeway, and Ill show you.

In London, and in Boston, Colin and Decker Thorne are waiting to hear from Berkeley. Persuaded by their wives
to put aside their doubts about her
unusual gift, they have employed her to find Graham Denison, a man who just may be the brother that was taken from them at birth. Trusting her is against their better judgment; but not trusting her
means giving up their last hope of
reuniting the family. In the end, they have no choice.

For Berkeley, nothing is clear. She has good reason to fear crossing the Thornes, but double-crossing Grey Janeway has its own risks. Revealing what she comes to learn about him will threaten
her heart, but to do nothing may threaten their lives.

Silence exacts a toll and Greys protection has a price. He has certain expectations that shes not sure she can, or wants, to meet. And then theres
the way he looks at her.

I dont think I can do this, she whispered raggedly. I thought I could, but I cant. Im sorry. At her sides her
fingers clenched. She wanted to look anywhere but at him. She forced herself not to look away. Im sorry I gave you the impression that I could. Im not so
worldly that I can find it a compliment when a man looks at me the way you just did. The thought of the others
downstairsI simply cant Berkeleys voice trailed off.

If another man looks at you the way I just did, Grey said slowly, Ill kill him.

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