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All Through the Night

I wanted to write a romance with themes including erotic obsession, guilt and compulsion, betrayal and redemption. Doing so provided me some difficult moments (like when I envisioned my sainted mother saying, "Constance, was that necessary?")

Jack Seward, the spymaster from Promise Me Heaven, has never done anything "easy" and that includes being created.

In All Trough the Night, Jack, an impeccably mannered yet ruthless British secret agent, becomes obsessed with the jewel thief he has been sent to apprehend when, in a midnight encounter, he discovers that his masked culprit is a woman and, more devastatingly, the one woman who awakens the sexual and emotional longings he holds in check.

"You might have had freedom if only you'd waited a bit longer. But you didn't. Why?" The question was sharp, intent.

His words pounded at her, threatened her. "Because I wanted to!"

"Do you know what I think?" His voice was cool and remote and tempting.

"No." She jerked the sword up and placed the point against his breast. Ruthlessly, she ran the sword tip down his chest until it caught at the end of the nightshirt's collar.

She did not stop there. She sliced through the linen material, exposing the hard ladder of his flank, nipping each rib as she drew the blade down over his corrugated belly to the jut of his hipbone.

She'd found a way to make him stop talking.

His gaze fixed on her face with regal imperviousness. Only the darkness suffusing his throat and jaw betrayed he felt anything. That and the retribution promised by his soul-eating eyes. They gleamed in the shadows like a wolf's.

She would not swallow. She would not stop. She'd begun this. She would finish it. And this, after all, is what she wanted, had wanted from the first. This was the reason she was here, no matter what lies she told herself tomorrow. Because this was all she would ever have of him.

And she'd steal it, too. Even against his will. She sliced through the last of his nightshirt.

"Well, now you'll have to kill me, thief," he said, his tone conversational, his eyes branding her. "Because I won't stop until I find you. I won't stop until I have you. No matter how long it takes me, no matter how far it takes me."

Later as Jack moves through Regency London looking for his quarry, he meets Anne Wilder, an enigmatic young widow to whom he is also drawn-and who may or may not be his thief.

Like Jack Seward, All through the Night wasn't so easy. But any struggle was ultimately worth it. I hope you agree.

And Mom? ...Yes, it was necessary!

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