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There is something magical about vintage Airstream trailers. Those sleek silver lines, the fine wood, the era-specific detailing. They seem like a movie set waiting for something romantic to arrive, a symbol of the possibilities that exist in our lives to transform it into something we really want it to be. What would you do if you were brave enough? Where would you go? What adventure would you take?

Those were the questions I asked of my characters in The All You Can Dream Buffet. The four food bloggers — The Foodie Four — are each at a transition point in her life.

Ginny is a Midwestern small town baker who has found some celebrity as a food blogger. She, too, has always been in love with Airstreams, and even though she’s never been any farther away than Minnesota once for a wedding, she buys a vintage Bambi that seems to be mildly haunted. She plans to drive it across the country to meet her friends in Oregon. Along the way, Fate brings her a challenge and a surprise — a gentle, sexy, happy man who shows up far too many times for it to be accidental. Is it fate, or can Ginny find the courage to take control of her life for good?

Ruby Zarlingo is 24, the author of The Flavor of a Blue Moon, a sensual blog about the glories of fresh, whole food. Pregnant and nursing a broken heart, Ruby is looking for her place in the world. She knows life can be harsh: she survived leukemia as a child. But she also knows it can be kind, because she shouldn’t be able to be pregnant at all. The movie set of her Airstream food truck kitchen serves up the chance for romance with a brooding war veteran who needs Ruby’s unflappable optimism.

Val, the sophisticated wine blogger, has a teenage daughter who needs to finish grieving a terrible accident that ripped their family apart. Val would never have survived the accident and aftermath if it hadn’t been for the Foodie Four, her cyberspace friends who were there in the middle of the night, all day long, whenever she needed them. Their combined wisdom is partly what has helped her make the choice to get out of Ohio. She and her daughter need to leave the scene of the old life, and find the setting for a new one. On the way, they’ll stop at Lavender’s and celebrate her birthday.

Lavender Wills is 85, and a force to be reckoned with. The owner of a lavender farm in Yamhill County, she has a tribe of dogs, flocks of chickens, a history of adventure and a forceful will. She lends each of the others courage to find their own joy, and maybe some real love along the way.
Airstreams, friends, food ... and romance. Really, don’t you want to travel along?

-Barbara O'Neal

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