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The Story So Far . . .

I’ve been told that some readers disagree on how to best label The Eternal Ones and its sequel, All You Desire. Do they belong on the “romance,” “paranormal,” or “thriller” shelves? I guess it depends on how you choose to define those terms. But I’ve always thought of these books as paranormal thrillers about the mystery of love.

In my opinion, life’s greatest (and most perilous) adventure is the search for love. It’s a quest that always ends with a giant leap of faith. No matter how cautious you are, there’s no way to be certain that you’ve found the right person. Which is why nothing is more terrifying or exhilarating than giving your heart to someone else.

The first book in my series, The Eternal Ones, follows seventeen-year-old Haven Moore as she sets out in search of a person she believes she’s destined to find. Since she was a little girl, Haven has had visions of a young man she may have loved in another lifetime—and the tragic fire that killed them both. (In case you were wondering, it’s reincarnation that adds a paranormal twist to the series. The books are both bloodsucker-free.)

The moment she catches a glimpse of Iain Morrow on television, Haven begins to suspect that her “soul mate” could be alive again and living in New York City. Finding Iain is easy. Falling for him is even easier. He’s handsome, rich, and happy to confirm that they’ve shared countless existences. But it isn’t long before Haven starts to worry that the love of her lives may be a dangerous impostor. (Let’s be honest—I think we’ve all been there at one point or another.)

As always, there’s someone else—a strangely attractive young man, Adam Rosier, who is eager to drive Haven and Iain apart. He, too, has known Haven in previous lives. And The Eternal Ones ends with a shocking revelation about Adam’s identity—and the role he plays at a secret organization for the reincarnated—a private club known as the Ouroboros Society.

All You Desire finds Haven and Iain living together in Rome. Adam Rosier and the Ouroboros Society are thousands of miles away in New York, and Haven hopes to keep it that way. But when her best friend (Beau Decker) disappears, fate drags Haven, Adam and Iain back together again.

Having spent a blissful year with Iain, Haven believes that she’s finally been reunited with her one true “soul mate.” But love is rarely so simple. Destiny isn’t a straight line, but a path with many branches. And Haven starts to realize that another “soul mate” may have been waiting down a fork in the road that she chose not to take. (We’ve all been there, too.)

I won’t give any more away. But I will promise that anyone who’s read the first book is in for a few shocks and surprises. It's a bit like the adventure of falling in love—the minute you think you have everything figured out, you discover just how little you know.

I hope you find the books both thrilling and romantic!

- Kirsten Miller

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BLOG UPDATE 8/24/2011: And the winners are ... Gomezrose, Angel and Christy!

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Why I want another go?

Submitted by arielgyang on August 23, 2011 - 9:23pm.

Because one lifetime with my husband is not enough. 

i would love to be

Submitted by quimbayai on August 23, 2011 - 9:53am.

i would love to be reincarnated because i would be able to have a clean slate and start with some other life.... i can be a linguist in my next life.


Kirsten Miller's All You Desire Giveaway

Submitted by dawn_green on August 18, 2011 - 9:10am.

I would like to be reincarnated simply to have the chance to do a better job at life. Of course, it's a chance you take that you will be in a better position. But I like to think that each chance you're given will be a better one.


Submitted by wsl0612 on August 16, 2011 - 5:43pm.

I totally believe in reincarnation, it's nature at its best in recycling :-)  I think that we are reincarnated to become better humans, and once we reach the pinnacle, then we can go to heaven.

I Love Reincarnation Stories!

Submitted by Beguile.thy.Sorrow on August 10, 2011 - 6:26pm.

like the movie Dead Again, and in books I enjoyed one by L.J. Smith from the Night World series, and love the romantic aspect of reincarnation in Richelle Mead's Georgina Kincaid series. I havent read Eternal Ones but going to look for it.

I think I'd like to be reincarnated because sometimes I'd like the chance of a do-over lol! But mostly there's just something magical and romantic about having a soulmate (I dont believe they really exist though) and them finding each other in each lifetime because the love is so strong.

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