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Alexis Harrington

Book Title: ALLIE'S MOON
Genre: America, Western, Historical Romance

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Author's Message

When I began writing ALLIES MOON, I thought of the different ways a persons soul can be imprisoned.

Driven by duty and guilt for a sin she committed years ago, Althea Ford has spent most of her life caring for a sickly sister and a crumbling wreck of a farm. Jeff Hicks is the broken-down former town sheriff sentenced to work for her. He spends his nights trying to drink away a memory, and his days sleeping off the whiskey. When hes arrested for breaking into a henhouse, hes given a choice: help Althea or go to jail.

Jeff and Allie are trapped in their own personal hells. Together they learn to love, and to trust again. But their future is threatened by someone who wants them apart.

I dont know why you want to call
me Allie. My name is Althea.

But it doesnt suit you, Jeff said. Althea sounds the way the moon looks on a clear winter night. Beautiful, but as cold and hard as a diamond, and far away. Thats not you. Youre more like that He pointed to the low slung pale-butter orb in the eastern sky.
Warm and close enough to touch. Thats your moon up there tonight, Allie, full of promise. And beautiful in the bargain.

The pleasure of hearing his words
was almost excruciating, like rain falling upon a drought-stricken flower. No one had ever told her something like that before. Certainly no man had.

And for a single irrational, selfish, immodest moment, she wished she could put her head on Jeffs shoulder and rest . In the tableau she envisioned, there were no worries, no responsibilitiesno sister. Just her and Jeff and the night.

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