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Pam Rosenthal

Genre: Historical Romance

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Pam Rosenthal Unmasks Regency England With Her Debut Erotic Novel from Brava!
"I've never lost my love for the Technicolor costumed epics of my childhood, with their witty dialogue and sumptuous decor," says debut author Pam Rosenthal, who enters the erotic Regency genre with ALMOST A GENTLEMAN, the
first book on the multibook contract she signed with Kensington last year.

Since 1998 Rosenthal's been a romance-writer-in-training. "I knew I wanted to write something historical and also something very sexy," she says. "I wanted to go a little further than most historicals, to provide great adult sex
where those Technicolor movies had simply faded to black." With Kensington's Brava line in mind, Rosenthal forged ahead, blending her penchant for old movies with her flair for writing sensual romance. This month ALMOST A GENTLEMAN comes to life with gorgeous cover art and a plot about a woman who masquerades as a dandy—and the man who makes her want to be a woman again.

"It gave me a chance to explore the [Regency] period's wonderful clothes—what they cover up and what they reveal—as well as its ironic, understated dialogue and what it covers up and reveals as well," Rosenthal says. She'll continue to explore what's under the covers in the pages of her next works for Kensington: THE BOOKSELLER'S DAUGHTER (Jan.'04), set amid the intrigues of the forbidden book trade in pre-revolutionary France, and her Regency novella, A HOUSE EAST OF REGENT STREET, to be released in late 2004.

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