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Always in My Dreams

If the prospect of the adventure you'd always craved was suddenly dangled in front of you...if all you had to do to take part in a little spy scheme was, say, clean someone's house for a few weeks...would you consider taking the, plunge? Okay, so maybe no adventure is worth passing yourself off as a housekeeper.

Mary Schyler Dennehy, the would-be adventurer of ALWAYS IN MY DREAMS, is made of sterner stuff.

As it happens, I know a lot more about families than I do housekeeping. For twenty years I've been involved with families, first as a child care worker, later as a therapist. Writing historical romances is a respite from the demands of my profession, but my friends aren't surprised that I've spent the last few years developing the history and passions of one fictional family.

Wild Sweet Ecstasy introduced the Dennehy women-five sisters, all with the first name of Mary. Rogue's Mistress and Forever in My Heart followed. Now it's the youngest's turn and Skye is up to taking center stage.

The setting is New York's Hudson Valley in 1881. Skye Dennehy has worked very hard at convincing her accomplished sisters and her demanding, manipulative father that she is without ambition. It is Skye's mother who gently suggests that perhaps she's working a bit too determinedly to prove she's happy.

It's then that Skye decides to take the bait her father has offered. She's right to be suspicious of his motives. She has witnessed his well-intentioned interference in the lives of her sisters and has thus far escaped being targeted. Now he is giving her the chance to play a pivotal role in the development of his railroad empire. Can she trust him not to push a husband on her as well?

Skye is drawn to two men, either of whom may be her father's accomplice, either of whom may be his enemy. And if the man she comes to love is really her father's choice, then doesn't that make him her enemy?

As this excerpt suggests, Mary Schyler is determined to find certain answers for herself:

His eyes dropped to Skye's hands when she touched the first button. The material parted and he had a glimpse of the hollow of her throat. She undid another. Then another.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Flirting?" she asked hopefully.

He pushed away from the window. His palms grazed her arms, her shoulders. Skye leaned into him and raised her face. Her fingers threaded at the back of his neck and she gently pulled him closer.

She was lifted, carried. She felt the edge of the bed at the back of her knees. He pushed the gown over her hips. It spread like a dark green pool at her feet. When she was tumbled backward on the bed, she pulled him with her. Skye kissed him again. Softly. Slowly. "One of us has too many clothes on," she said.

It was gratifying, he reflected, that they thought so much alike.

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