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Suzanne Forster

Book Title: ANGEL FACE
Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Author's Message

Many of us have done it at one time in our livesgazed at a picture of someone and lost our heartsor our souls. Dana Andrews did it in Laura. Christopher Reeve did it in Somewhere in Time. And Jordan Carpenter does it in my newest offering, ANGEL FACE.

But Jordans obsession is a dangerous one. For Angel Face is the name of a female serial killer so irresistibly beautiful that the male population, if given the chance, would line up to be sacrificed. They would willingly be her victims.

Hes told how lethal she is, how she uses her wistful brown eyes and little-girl-lost wiles to ensnare her victims, and then, when she has them exactly where she wants them, under her total control, she dispatches them mercilessly, and in a very unique way.

But he doesnt believe a word of it. How could he? The CIA has given him her dossier and her photo. Theyre pressuring him to be the bait in their trap to ensnare her, but all Jordan has to do is gaze into her soulful eyes, and he knows she couldnt have done what theyre accusing her of.

Impossible. Seduce doctorsbrilliant men allbeguile them and drive them insane with longing before she slays them? She doesnt look like she could kill a fly. She is luminous. When little boys dream of angels, this is the face they see. Besides, Jordan has no time to play games with serial killers. Hes a heart surgeon with a waiting list of patients. He wont yield to the CIAs pressure, even when they tell him Angel Face is a threat to national security. Hes reluctant to believe she even existsuntil she appears at his front door one day.

The woman he encounters calls herself Angela Lowe and swears she knows nothing of a serial killer named Angel Face. But Jordan would know this lovely creature anywhere. She is the woman in the picture. When he tries to detain her, she cleverly evades him and escapes. Thats when the life and death games begin.

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Excerpt from ANGEL FACE

Angela was not quite prepared for what shed exposed. She hadnt expected to have a thought about Jordan Carpenters physical body beyond defending herself against it, but now it was difficult not to have several thoughts. He was half-naked, seethingly angry, and really quite spectacular, especially clenched the way he was.

It was a good thing hed gone quietly because she would certainly have hurt him if shed tried to use the knife nowand not even intentionally. It was useless in her hand. She was fairly useless, too, spinning like a top. He didnt get the credit for that, though. She was battling a fever, numbing fatigue, and wet heat. Shed had no food since that morning. She couldnt let him find out that she was weakening.

She drew deeply from the very pit of her belly, and then did it again, all in an effort to conquer her lightheadedness. Someone had taught her how to do that, she was virtually sure. She was also becoming aware of something else: A part of her had ice for blood and was virtually fearless. But that part of her was locked up with the horrors of the erased months and to release it would have been too dangerous. Since that time she had held everything at bay with a few words, but she couldnt do that any longer. She would never get through this without the fearlessness.

The knife blade came to life as she reclaimed her grip on the handle.
Lets see now, what comes after the shirt? She pretended to ponder the issue. Pants maybe? Id hate to think what the mosquitoes are going to do to your bare

He chewed a word into dust.

Excuse me? she asked.

I said well do it your way, he said. Ask your damn questions.

And youll answer them?

Ill answer them. What do you want to know?

I want to know what you know about Angela Lowe.

Angela Lowe is you, right?

Just tell me about her. She had begun to shake again. There was a price for unlocking the power hidden in her psyche, and she would have to pay it now. Tell me what Angela Lowe has done, every sickening detail. Tell me who her friends are, if she has any, and which one of them wants her dead. Is it Brandt or Sammy? Is it Silver? Tell me if theres any hope for Angela Lowe, because shes breaking, doctor. Shes breaking faster than you are.

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