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Susan King

Genre: Medieval, England, Historical Romance

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The Angel Knight

Sometimes a single image can generate an entire book. THE ANGEL KNIGHT, my third novel and an April release for Topaz, began when I read about the iron cages that King Edward of England ordered constructed to hold two captive Scottish noblewomen. They were exposed in the cages for years, with little dignity or comfort afforded them.

Appalled and fascinated by that, I began writing THE ANGEL KNIGHT. Soon Robert Bruce had a fictitious cousin and a loyal supporter of his cause, Lady Christian MacGillean. Just before she is captured by the English, she burns her own castle to prevent the enemy from taking it, knowing the English want the ancient gold hidden in the ruins, a treasure never yet found.

Captivity in an iron cage brings Christian to the brink of death. When she sees a vision of an archangel, she thinks he offers her salvation from her earthly suffering.

But the angel is mortal. Sir Gavin Faulkener, called the Angel Knight by his peers, has been King Edward's ambassador. When he sees the Scottish rebel, her beauty and spirit fading, he cannot tolerate Edward's cruelty and demands her release. The king grants Gavin custody of her castle in Scotland-and orders Gavin to discover the secret of the treasure.

But Gavin has secrets of his own. An ancient Scottish bloodline gives him a mystical healing ability that has brought him only tragedy in the past. He has vowed never to use the power again. Yet the dying Scottish rebel mysteriously begins to recover in his care.

She believes that the English knight wants to destroy her people. Gavin finds that the lady's castle is a smoking ruin, surrounded by a motley gathering of Scottish rebels. And Christian, now stronger, takes up the rebellious cause that nearly brought about her death. As the castle is rebuilt and the Scots fight the English invaders, old secrets are exposed-and even the deepest wounds have a chance to heal.

I hope you enjoy THE ANGEL KNIGHT. Currently I'm writing my fourth novel for Topaz, THE RAVEN'S MOON, a winter '97 release.

I'd love to hear from you. Please write to me at: P.O. Box 356, Damascus, MD 20872. An SASE is appreciated.

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