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Rochelle Alers

Genre: Multicultural, Contemporary Romance

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The sun had just dipped below the Western horizon as Kara Newell finds a seat on a quiet bench overlooking Cavanaugh Island’s sleepy harbor. Across the waters on the far shore the southern city of Charleston began to blink on, mere pinpricks of lights on the horizon, but Kara’s mind is deep in thought.

Life as she knows it has changed completely in the matter of a few days, and now she is faced with overwhelming decisions, decisions she doesn’t feel she is prepared to make. Put yourself in Kara’s shoes. She’s only 33, a savvy, sophisticated, on-the-fast-track New Yorker, and nothing has prepared her for the long-held secret that has just been revealed to her. Her biological father, now deceased, was a fabulously wealthy man who has named Kara the sole heir to his legacy. She grew up thinking she was an only child, now she has an extended family, most of whom are immediately hostile when they find this stranger in their midst, a stranger who now can lay claim to what they once considered theirs.

The decision facing Kara is the primary requirement of her late father’s will. She will inherit an historic, early 19th-century mansion, Angels Landing, set amidst acres of prime property, only if she completes the task of restoring Angels Landing Plantation to its former glory. Within five years!

She takes a deep breath and thinks back to the past few days spent on the island, days in which she immediately felt enfolded and embraced by community, neighborliness, and friendship; the welcome smiles and mouthwatering foods at Jack’s Fish House and the Muffin Corner; a charming bookstore run by a woman she felt an immediate kinship with, and the handsome, though remote, young sheriff, who had decided to appoint himself her guide and guardian.

Ex-marine Jeffrey Hamilton, known locally as ‘Corrine’s grandbaby boy,’ is no-nonsense when it comes to protecting the residents of Cavanaugh Island. However, he finds himself going above and beyond the call of duty as personal protector of the latest owner of the most sought-after property on the Island.

Come on back to Cavanaugh Island and meet the folks on Angels Landing, reconnect with residents that make the Cove their home, and catch a glimpse of those living on Haven Creek. Not much has changed since your last visit. Gossip abounds, along with the mouth-watering dishes that make the region so unique. You’ll see firsthand the struggle between those who seek to change the face of the island and those who want it to remain untouched for future generations.

Angels Landing is a window into the past with long-buried family secrets spanning two centuries that leave you wanting to know more. Along the way you will cheer as Kara settles into her role as mistress of Angels Landing, while she discovers a love she least expects. 

- Rochelle Alers

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