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Alina Adams

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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I work in television. That means I spend a lot of time on airplanes and in airports. And, so far, the only trick Ive found for making the miserable time pass faster is to get involved in a great book.

When people ask me what kind of books I write, I tell them Ive always wanted to write plane books, stories so engrossing and characters so compelling that a 12-hour flight feels like 30 minutes.

Because of my lofty ambition, I think its appropriate that my first contemporary romance for Avon highlight a pair of pilots.

Annies Wild Ride is the story of Anne and Paul Gaasbeck, who fell in love with each others passion and ambition, then split up when that same intense emotion proved too fiery to handle.

When Annes plane crashes in the mountains, Paul speeds to her rescue. Seven years after their divorce, both remember not only what went wrong with the relationship, but what was right.

That includes a moonlit night in a deserted amusement park which neither one has been able to forget

The ferris-wheel flung upward, and Anne reached for the top button of Pauls jeans, fumbling briefly, as her lips reconnected with his.

Annie? He forced himself to pull away from the fire, his voice husky, but staunch.

What? Her tone suggested that Anne found now a rather odd time to begin a discussion.

Annie, her ardent kisses along his chin and up to his brows made concentrating on what Paul needed to say fairly difficult, but he persevered. Annie, I dont understand this.

Really? She leaned back, surveying him ironically. Well, then, I tell you, my friend, I cant wait to see you in action when you actually do understand what youre doing.

He smiled self-consciously, struggling to get his point across in spite of the immensedistractions. What I mean is, Anne, II thought we disliked each other.

Did we? She innocently tugged down the zipper of his jeans. I forgot.

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