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Lori Handeland

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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The Phoenix Rises


After delving into the supernatural for her Nightcreature books, Lori Handeland has something even more spectacular on the horizon: The end of the world.

At least the world in her new urban fantasy series, the Phoenix Chronicles.

Beginning with Any Given Doomsday (Nov., St. Martin's), humanity is threatened by the offspring of fallen angels, the Grigori. "They've been here since the beginning of time, wearing human faces, but beneath they are all the monsters of legend -- vampires, shapeshifters and more," explains Handeland.

Leading the fight against the demons is heroine Elizabeth Phoenix, whom the author says she modeled after real women. "A former cop turned bartender, Liz has lost things -- her partner, her job, a man -- but she keeps going on." However, Handeland is quick to point out where her heroine differs from most actual women. "She's psychic, which has caused her no small amount of trouble in her life. Now, that talent just might save her life and the lives of everyone around her."

Because of her abilities, Liz is put in charge of a secret society that fights the demons. But the Grigori aren't her only problem. She's also caught between two men -- a former lover and a sexy Navajo medicine man.

Native American rituals, biblical texts and books on prophesy are only a small sampling of the diverse topics that Handeland researched in order to construct this series.

So what prompted her to explore the murky underworld of the urban fantasy genre? "I've always wanted
to create stories about one character who rises and falls, moves forward, steps back and who lives and learns and loves like the rest of us, but in a world very different from our own," says Handeland.

Handeland promises romance, action, humor and horror in her new series.

-- Morgan Doremus

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