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Maureen Smith

Genre: Multicultural, Contemporary Romance

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I’ve always been a sucker for romance novels that explore the theme of best friends becoming lovers. There’s just something heartwarming and magical about characters falling in love with that one person who knows them better than anyone else. Add a healthy dose of hot, sheet-clenching lust to the mix and…well, need I say more?

In my latest novel, Any Way You Want It, Chicago escort agency owner Zandra Kennedy is fighting a serious attraction to her longtime friend Remington Brand. Zandra’s a fiercely independent woman whose traumatic childhood has made her leery of men—especially domineering alpha males like Remy. 

Unbeknownst to her, Remy has been in love with her for years, and he’s finally decided to do something about it. But infiltrating Zandra’s defenses is the toughest challenge the former Navy SEAL has ever faced. Given Zandra’s deep-seated daddy issues, Remy has to walk a fine line in the way he pursues her. I didn’t want him to come off as a creepy, overbearing douchebag. At the same time, he’s never backed down from a fight, so he’ll stop at nothing to have Zandra.

Another theme I set out to explore in Any Way You Want It is female empowerment and solidarity. From an early age, Zandra witnessed the way her father used the slur “whore” to punish, control, and humiliate her mother. Zandra grew to despise the word and everything it represented. Years later when she opened an escort agency, she knew that many people—including her father—would scorn her as a prostitute-peddling madam, even though she enforced a no-sex policy for her escorts. It was liberating for her to defy convention and follow her own career path, naysayers be damned.

Zandra’s defiant spirit, combined with Remy’s stubborn determination, make for some combustible encounters that frequently land the couple between the sheets…against the wall…over a desk…and, well, you get the gist.

Ultimately, Remy must break down Zandra’s barriers and show her that she can entrust her wounded heart to him. But will ghosts from the past keep them from getting what they both want and need?

- Maureen Smith

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