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Janelle Taylor

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Janelle Taylor Presents ANYTHING FOR LOVE

As a naive college coed, Rachel Tims realized too late that Daniel Gaines had married her to spite his wealthy, blue-blooded family. Although she learned to dress impeccably, speak softly, and smile like a lady, she'd never been accepted as a true Georgia "Gaines."

Widowed and alone at 47, Rachel is ready to leave behind a world of charity work and lazy country club afternoons.

What she really wants is a writing career, and something more shocking: Quentin Rawls, a national celebrity with two failed marriages behind him and sleazy tabloids hot on his tail. He's rich and rugged, facing a terrible career crisis, and is many years younger than Rachel. Feeling Quentin awaken a passion in her, as he did twelve years ago during a secret and reckless shipboard affair, Rachel must decide whether to risk everything for a future with him. But complications and obstacles intrude. Will this be a fleeting romance or the love of a lifetime? Trapped in the midst of fate-altering decisions filled with emotional intensity, Rachel and Quentin struggle to find themselves and the chance to love again.

This is the sexiest romance I have written to date! I hope sharing a long talk with Dallas Cowboy Emmitt Smith while en route from Georgia to Fort Worth for the '95 Romantic Times Convention was a good omen, since I mentioned him several times in this novel. (He's eagerly awaiting a copy of the book!) As for knowing about the love of a lifetime, I have my own special hero, Michael, with whom I celebrated 30 years of marriage in April. As a gift, Michael commissioned a talented artist to paint a montage of our new home -- my Spanish cottage office, gazebo, covered bridge driveway, and the Mill Pond Farm sign -- to hang over our living room fireplace.

Incidentally, I chose to feature this home, pictured in the Jan. '94 issue of Romantic Times, as Rachel's house in Anything For Love.

Need a little TEASER?

While Quentin showered, Rachel put the open bottle of champagne in an ice bucket; then, carried it and two glasses to her bedroom. She turned the air conditioning system on full blast to chill the area, spread a blanket on the floor before the fireplace, and turned on the gas logs. She started the CD unit to playing romantic music, lowered the shades and loosened the drapes to darken the room, and lit the candles to give it a seductive glow.

"Everything's prepared for your conquest, Mr. Rawls, except for me, and I will be as soon as I shower. Pour the champagne and relax."

"Relax?" he teased with a chuckle. "How can I when I know what's in store for me, for both of us, this afternoon?"

"I hope your stamina is at peak level," she jested as she took the damp towel from his grasp and finished drying his virile torso. She knelt to wipe trickling water from his long legs and feet and, before rising....

"That isn't fair, woman; I'm crying foul; that's a stiff penalty."

"Just so it isn't the only stiff thing around today...."

Quentin lay on the blanket and awaited her arrival. The setting was cozy; the air, chilly; the flames' heat, relaxing; his body, highly aroused.

Rachel's eyes adored the texture of his thick ebony hair, the smooth and sleek surface of his splendid body, every inch of him from head to feet. Her entire being responded to the way he enthralled her, the rippling of his muscles as he reached for...

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