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I loved writing this story! My relationship with Adeline Cooper began in the fall of 2008 when I wrote Everywhere She Turns (July 2009, St. Martins Press). Adeline, Addy, was a secondary character and partner to the hero, Kevin Braddock. Adeline kept attempting to take over the story! I had to rein her in a number of times. Her partner in Everywhere She Turns summed her up quite well:

Cooper materialized from the tree line where the warning signs and yellow tape marked the area as officially off limits to pedestrian traffic. A tight fitting blue tee was tucked into her equally tight jeans. She didn’t look a whole lot like a cop, much less a homicide detective. With long brown hair tucked into one of those ponytails that poked through the back of her baseball cap, she looked like a teenager who’d been up to no good.

Adeline Cooper liked to brag that she could shoot a flea off a dog’s ass from a hundred yards. She was tough as nails and never even flinched while cutting a perp off at the knees...or busting his balls. She was the kind of partner who never let you down.

By the time I finished Everywhere She Turns I knew I would never be able to sleep at night unless I gave Adeline her own book. Anywhere She Runs flew onto the pages as if Adeline herself were whispering the words in my ears. Adeline was born in Mississippi but she hasn’t been back in nearly ten years. Despite the tragedies of her past she has built a life for herself in Alabama and refuses to look back...until the first note arrives. She was born a princess for all to see. Her light was so bright that they could no longer see me.

But it isn’t until the second note arrives accompanied by a newspaper article about a missing woman that Adeline realizes she has no choice but to go back. Pretty, pretty princess. See her smile...see her die. Adeline must face the only man she ever loved and avoid getting her heart broken a second time while tracking down a vicious killer and staying alive when more than one enemy would like very much to see her dead.

As I researched the setting for Anywhere She Runs I discovered an old legend that tied into the story perfectly. I can’t share that bit of old lore without giving some of the plot away, but it gave me goose bumps when I made the discovery. I can’t wait for you to read the story. I’m truly proud of Adeline’s book.

Anywhere She Runs is my favorite kind of story to write. Small town, family ties, old loves and a killer who will go to any lengths to get the job done! Please enjoy the excerpt and be sure to pick up the book! Once you’ve read the story and know the identity of the killer, go to my website and email me with the killer’s name and motive. On June 1st I’ll be randomly selecting ten winners who will receive autographed copies of Anywhere She Runs and from those ten a single winner will receive a $100.00 VISA giftcard as well as a one year subscription to RT BOOK REVIEWS magazine! Happy reading!

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