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In my dreams one night, a wild, brooding half-Apache stood with a rawhide whip coiled in his hands. Did I know that he was on the run, with no place to go? That he had abandoned his Apache mothers world, only to be cruelly betrayed by a white woman? My most compelling hero, Latigo burst fully formed into my imagination.

For such a man, there could only be one woman. I already knew Rose Colby. She appeared as a background character in another historical saga that now lies buried in my files. Only Rose, the young second wife of a wealthy, aging rancher, glowed with the fire of a true heroine. She and Latigo were meant for each other.

When APACHE FIRE begins, a widowed Rose is alone on the ranch with her infant son. A wounded stranger, framed for the double murder of two federal agents collapses on her doorstep in the dead of night. The stranger, Latigo, claims to have once saved her husbands life and demands her help.

Roses first look at Latigo is a shock. His strong Apache features bring back the nightmare of her parents murder in an Apache raid. Courage and compassion, however, win out.—and into her heart.

The passion that flames between them is like nothing either of them has ever known. But how can Rose risk her sons heritage for the love of an outcast? Will Latigo endanger Rose and her precious baby by remaining at her side? Only through trial and sacrifice will Rose and Latigo find their destiny.

This story is dedicated to my grandson, Alec, who was born soon after the book went off to Harlequin Historicals. By a happy coincidence, he has the same dark hair and blue eyes as Roses son.

As you read this, I will be hard at work finishing my next historical for Harlequin. BELOVED CAPTIVE, set in the mid-1700s, features a white hero raised by a Shawnee and a spoiled but spunky red-haired heroine who becomes his prisoner. Watch for it in late 99.

I always love hearing from my readers. You can write to me at 433 South 1000 West, Orem, UT 84058.

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