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The past is a comfort, an adventureand a remedy to future shock. And it is always right where we left it, in the names of towns, simple everyday objects, turn-of-the-century buildings, cobblestone roads. Even the tiniest rock has a story to telland there will always be a romance author willing to listen.

Such a rock was the cause for my Zebra release APACHE TEARS. Known mostly to Southwesterners, an Apache tear is a black obsidian gem, with a treasured legend.

Long ago, in a fierce battle, Apache
warriors were outnumbered and trapped by their enemies on the edge of a tall cliff. Rather than surrender, these brave warriors jumped off and fell to their deaths. As the frightened women, watching from below, wept, the Great Spirit turned their tears into black obsidian gems, known ever afterwards as Apache Tears.

Mixing legend with fact, APACHE TEARS is also about the famed Apache scouts who rode for the U.S. Cavalry. They were considered the best and bravest. Their mutiny during the incident at Cibecue Creek, Arizona in 1881marked them as the only Native American scouts to ever revolt.

Ndolkah, meaning cougar in the Apache language, is the handsome, half-breed scout who wears a necklace made of the sacred Apache tears.

Elizabeth Winters is the woman who changes Cougars life forever the day she visits her aristocratic fianci, a lieutenant and Cougars bitter enemy. During the scout uprising, Cougar kidnaps Libbie, demanding a ransom he might not honor. But, after some hot desert nights in the virile scouts arms, Libbie may not want
to be rescued!

For a personally autographed cover flat of APACHE TEARS, send two first-class stamps to cover the postage to Box 162, Edmond, OK 73083 or visit her webpage at

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