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Sara Jarrod

Genre: Ghost, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Arranged in Heaven

What do you get when you mix two meddling, matchmaking mothers, a lovable and well-adjusted hero whose mom thinks he needs coddling, and a heroine with dark secrets not even her loving mother understands? Trouble-even when the would-be mothers-in-laws are ghosts!

After catching a glimpse of him in Heaven Above, so many readers wanted to see more of dedicated surgeon Dan Newman that I had to come up with the perfect heroine for this wonderfully imperfect hero. The result? Arranged in Heaven.

When Dan's mother meets the mom of Gayla Harris in the ever-after, plans are made. Of course, Dan's mother has conveniently forgotten to mention her son's below-knee amputation which might make him seem less than perfect to a dedicated athlete and former Olympic-hopeful swimmer like Gayla. Yet Gayla's mom has also been less than forthcoming about her daughter's fall, several years before, into a world of alcohol and drug abuse. Sparks fly when the ghosts learn about each other's deceptions-until they notice their children don't appear to be letting their respective flaws keep them from falling in love.

ARRANGED IN HEAVEN is all about love-not just the forever-after love between a man and a woman, but the all-encompassing love for family that transcends everything, even death.

I love to hear from readers. Write to me at: P.O. Box 151596, Tampa, FL 33684-1596. Or e-mail me at:

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