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Karen Miller

Genre: General Fantasy, Fantasy

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What's it like having your book picked to help launch a new imprint? In a word, huge. In a few more words, exhilarating, terrifying, flattering, intimidating, nerve-wracking and cool. Seriously, it's an incredible honor. Orbit is an amazing publisher with an extraordinary track record in the U.K. Tim Holman's team loves speculative fiction, they know speculative fiction and they support it to the hilt. They support their writers to the hilt. This is about the biggest compliment I've ever been paid. Trust me when I say my fingers, toes and eyes are crossed that the faith they've shown in me, by making me part of their U.S. launch, is repaid.

Tell us about your book. What can readers expect? The Innocent Mage is the first half of the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duology. What a word, eh? Actually, I like to think of the entire story as a two-act play, so The Innocent Mage would be Act 1. Act 2, The Awakened Mage, concludes the story.

More than anything, my books are character-driven. So this is the story of two very different men, Asher and Gar, who become the most unlikely friends and are brought face
to face with destinies that will demand from them the greatest of sacrifices in order to save their world from destruction. It's a love story, too, as Asher meets his match in the guise
of a woman called Dathne, whose equally demanding destiny is tangled up with his. And it's a story about families -- the ones we're born into and the ones we make for
ourselves. Basically, my aim is to take readers on a wild, emotional ride, in
the company of characters dear to my heart.

You've also written a novel based on the TV series Stargate SG-1. What's the difference between writing an original story and a TV tie-in? When you're playing in someone else's sandbox, in this case the Stargate universe, you have a strict obligation to remain completely faithful to the characters from the show you're writing about. First, last and always, you must do your best to capture what's been put on screen by the writers and actors. You must remain faithful to the show's spirit, and its canon.

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