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Sara Orwig

Genre: Silhouette Desire, Series

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As ex-cop Colin Whitefeather watches a woman dash across traffic during a snowstorm in the college town of Stillwater, OK, he notices two burly men in topcoats following her. Colin's instincts say the men are after her, so he opens the door of his pickup and tells her he's a cop and will help her. Colin's Comanche heritage gives him a rugged appearance that hides the warm heart beneath his dark, solitary exterior.

When Katherine Manchester desperately climbs into his pickup, she doesn't realize she is changing their lives...forever.

"Do you live here?" Katherine Manchester asked, frightened, yet wanting to trust him. If only he weren't a policeman. And if only he weren't so big. She eyed his broad-shoulders covered by the shearling coat. He filled the interior of the pickup. One look at his long legs folded in the narrow space, and she knew he was a tall man. She met a direct, brown-eyed gaze that studied her with enough intensity to make her nervous.

"No, this isn't my home. A friend lives here and he's on duty now. We'll sit here for a few minutes. I'm Colin Whitefeather."

She hesitated, debating whether to give him her real name or not and then realized she had paused long enough that he noticed because his eyes narrowed as he watched her. "I'm Katherine Manchester," she said carefully, giving her real name and watching him to see if there was any recognition. To her relief, his expression didn't change.

"Welcome to Stillwater, Katherine," Colin said in a friendly tone, and Katherine felt as if something inside her were loosening. She fought against the feeling, knowing she didn't dare relax. The man was a cop, for heaven's sake, even if it was only honorary! His long shaggy hair gave him a wild appearance, and his broad shoulders beneath the thick coat gave an aura of power and command that frightened her, yet at the same time, so far, he had been only kind and helpful. Almost too good to be true, and she waited warily.

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